1828 Rainham Twp, Haldimand
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LAC # MS-181 Reel 1
District: Niagara District
Enumerator: Benj. Goodrich

Mr. George Bellinger was apointed by the town to act as assessor but his wife has lain at the point of death and he has not been able to apoint me in the Be-------(illegible) any
I do hereby certify the above statement to be done justly according to the best of my knowledge and belief Rainham March 24 1828
Benj. Goodrich for and in the place of David Hoover I have doing the (illegible) I also made the Chairman of the Court (illegible) with the hole (illegible) namistamus (illegible) - B. G.

Transcriber's Notes: There is no column with Total number of household members on this census. It is my belief that the heads of households are included in the counts shown, for the number 278 is scribbled in the margin and that is the total of the column totals shown above.
* indicates an entry was difficult to decipher.
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What do the headings mean?

LAST          FIRST
Barnaby       Lewis
Boyar         John
Brillinger    George
Camp          Isaac
Camp          Isaac
Camp          John
Contryman     Nicols.
Cristlor      Boltus
Culp          Aron
Culver        Peter
Curry         John
Eakins        James
Eakins        John
Evens         Edward
Fite          Jacob
Fite          Martin
Goodrich      Benj.
Hall          John
Harden        Adam
Holms         Abraham
Hoover        Abraham
Hoover        Benj.
Hoover        Daniel
Hoover        David
Hoover        David
Hoover        Henry
Hoover        Jacob
Hurst         John
Miller        Henry
Miller        John Jr
Miller        John Sr
Null          John
Overholt      Isaac
Overholt      Jonas
Rhora         Christopher
Row           David
Row           Fredrick
Row           Wm.
Shank         Adam
Shank         Michael
Simmerman     Henry
Spongal       Mich.
Stewartt      Benj. Jr
Stewartt      Benj. Sr
Stewartt      James
Thomas        Isaac
Whaler        James
Wilson        Andrew
Yager         Christopher
Yager         Mathis
Yasomb        Henry
Yoorger       Jacob