1847 Malden Township, Essex County
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LAC # H-1175
Enumerator: Alanson Botsford

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PGName of Head of HousePropietor of Real PropertyNon-Propietor of Real PropertyElligable to VoteTrade or Profession# Non-Family# Absent Family# Native of England# Native of Ireland# Native of Scotland# Native Canada French# Native Canada British# Other - Specify# Native US# Years in province when not Native# Aliens not Naturalized
# of Ages 0-5
# of Ages 5-14
# of Males 14-18
# of Males 18-21
# of Males 21-30
# of Males 30-60
# of Males 60 +
# of Females 14-45
# of Females 45 +
9Charles WeirYYFarmer111 Ch of England
9Robert ElliotYFarmer411214 Ch fo England
9William MickleYFarmer10122111110 Presbyterian
9Antoine ReaumeYFarmer71211117 Ch of Rome
9Pascal RenaudYCarpenter31113 Ch of Rome
9Theodore LangloisYFarmer9121111119 Ch of Rome
9Jacques BoudionYFarmer711111117 Ch of Rome
9Pierre BorronYFarmer2112 Ch of Rome
9Godfroy RobinYYFarmer31113 Ch of Rome
9Joseph AmlinYYFarmer521115 Ch of Rome
9Thomas BoyleYFarmer11113211111 Baptist
9Hyacinth BorronYFarmer11331111111 Ch of Rome
9Mrs. LafferteYSpinster31113 Ch of Rome
9Joseph BartletYYFarmer22211Not Given
9Edward L?YYFarmer5105111115 Other
9Thomas C WelchYYFarmer53512115 Presbyterian
9R. H. B. ElliotYGentleman1611,231111111119 Ch of England
9H. NelsonYGentleman165112117 Ch of England, 1 Ch of Rome
9John ShawYYLabourer9141119 Ch of Rome
9Duncan InnesYYFarmer52111115 Ch of England
9William Duff Esq.YBk Master1748121314 Ch of Rome, 3 Presbyterian
9Antoine CampeauYYFarmer11332211111 Ch of Rome
9Antoine ReaumeYFarmer132312112113 Ch of Rome
9Lewis AquetYFarmer512115 Ch of Rome
9Amos BrushYFarmer6121116 Ch of England
9Daniel BotsfordYFarmer931111119 Presbyterian
9William McGeeYFarmer21102,19231121122 Ch of England, 11 Presbyterian
11D. R. IronsideYYMD18101121121 Ch of England, 8 Ch of Scotland
11Mrs InnesY111 Ch of England
11John SkinnerYYCarpenter439221111 Ch of Scotland, 6 Presbyterian
11Joseph Kevill EsqYPostmaster21516,2511121111 Ch of England, 6 Ch of Rome
11Mrs CanningY1313Not Given
11Mrs AskinY111 Ch of Rome
11Joseph MillburnYYCordwainer11528113117 Ch of England
11Je?? BlongY113m,12y112 Ch of England
11Peter Taylor & CoYMerchant11911 Presbyterian
11Alexander MouzcetYYCarpenter94,911211211 Ch of Scotland, 8 Presbyterian
11L. G. GordonYMerchant1112112,291111124 Ch of England, 7 Ch of Rome, 1 Baptist
11Thomas SalmanYYMerchant123261171112212119 ch of England, 2 presbyterian
11John StokesYYButcher22142114 Ch of England
11C. C. AllenYMerchant211191111115 Ch of England
11G. Bullock Esq.YInn Keeper111611912211118 Presbyterian
11A. BorrowmanYYHatter13152114 Brit Wes Meth
11Joseph BorrowmanYYHatter6615114113112 Presbyterian
11James BakeYYMerchant111525111125 Ch of England
11Park & Co.YMerchant1414,293142 Ch of England,1 Ch of Rome, 2 Baptist
11Samuel NutsonYYSaddler31113 Ch of England
11Lewis NutsonYYBaker151111111 Ch of Rome, 5 Presbyterian
11J. B. Laliberte Esq.YFarmer16121116 Ch of Rome
11John HamiltonYYPainter12113831116 Ch of England
11John LagusYYInn Keeper2112 Ch of England
11Francis BrownYYInn Keeper2155122117 Ch of England
11G. ??wisonYGentleman11 Sweden47,50111 Ch of England, 1 Ch of Rome
11James HamiltonYYSurveyor of Customs12310121116 British Weslayan Methodist
11Robert HousleyYYInn Keeper2517211117 Ch of England
11David BruceYShip Carpenter21214111115 Presbyterian
11Joseph FindlayYTailor214112 Presbyterian
11William & A. BartletYYCarpenter25,7112 Presbyterian
13John GostageYYCarpenter151111116 British Weslayan Methodist
13James Noble Jun.YYSaddler1318,12111115 Ch of England
13Alexander McDonaldYYLabourer5251131117 Ch of Rome
13Simon BertrandYButcher92221119 Ch of Rome
13Terrence McQuinnYYCordwainer259122117 Ch of Rome
13William MeursYYTinsmith13122114 Ch of England
13George BakerYYCordwainer22127 Germany1?,6,8,92112114 Ch of England, 2 Presbyterian
13Pierre GerardYLabourer6111216 Ch of Rome
13John RoseYYCooper1112,1011113 Ch of England, 1 Ch of Scotland
13James DunbarYYBaker251322111 Ch of England, 6 Presbyterian
13A. WagnerYM. D.119112 Ch of Rome
13H. McKinneyYYMerchant61111111 Ch of England, 4 Ch of Scotland, 1 Other
13James HacketYYLighthouse Keeper11925,3122221119 Presbyterian
13Felix A. LefforteYYInn Keeper72111117 Ch of Rome
13W. G. DuffYGentleman411113 Ch of Rome, 1 Presbyterian
13Ms MurphyYSpinster621216 Ch of Rome
13Oliver BertrandYYco2112 Ch of Rome
13John WalkerYYCarpenter110112111 Ch of England, 4 Ch of Rome
13James HarkinYYTailor13241111116 Ch of Rome
13Charles LaveryYMerchant121611113 Ch of England, 1 Ch of Rome
13G. S. GoodrichYYWatch Maker67622116 Other
13Mrs. DrakeSpinster512115 Ch of England
13James CaldwellYFarmer7214222111117 Ch of Rome, 2 Baptist
13Thomas ElliotYCordwainer5137111116 Presbyterian
13Joseph WoodYYWeaver2121112 Presbyterian
13Mrs. RacicotYSpinster612216 Ch of Rome
13Charles WhitesideYYWheelwright81221118 British Weslayan Methodist
13N. GerardinYLabourer51125 Ch of Rome
13A. T. LemaiYBlk Smith11231111211 Ch of Rome
13M. MaloneyYFarmer1?5141111116 Ch of Rome
13? FlanniganYYCarpenter251411117 Presbyterian
15Edward BarkleyYCordwainer5521115 Brit Wes Meth
15Robert ReadYBaker21123 Ch of England
15L. RabidouYYCordwainer72111117 Ch of Rome
15Mrs. SchultzMilliner121111 Ch of England, 2 Ch of Scotland
15Amable DuncanYYCarpenter512115 Ch of Rome
15William BoultenYYCordwainer24922116 Ch of England
15Oliver AmlinYYCarpenter811211118 ch of Rome, 2 Other
15Joseph AlexanderYLabourer11Not Given
15J. B. MaivilleYYBlk Smith71111117 Ch of Rome
15Francis BlowYYLabourer2112 Ch of Rome
15William CampeauYYLabourer8114118 Ch of Rome
15Mrs. CampeauYSpinster71121117 Ch of Rome
15Zenolin MorinYCarpenter31113 Ch of Rome
15Daniel BingoYYLabourer214221111Not Given
15Pierre LaliberteYYLabourer31113 Ch of Rome
15John MantalkYYSawyer2310,1721115 Ch of Scotland
15Angus C?YClerk311611114 Ch of Scotland
15Mrs. AustinSpinster3123 ch of Rome
15Jacques MorinYYMason711111127 Ch of Rome, 6 Other
15Edward WilliamsYYCarpenter212,162111111Not Given
15Gregory BouffordYCooper631116 Ch of Rome
15George GainarYStone Cutter411114 Ch of Rome
15H. InesYYSchool Teacher2214,5,281111114 Ch of England, 1 British Weslayan Methodist
15Levi FosterYMason39322116 Baptist
15Francis PrimoYYBlk Smith821111118 Ch of Rome
15Mrs LalongeYSpinster3213 Ch of Rome
15Joseph DroulliardYBlk Smith521115 Ch fo Rome
15Richard AtkinsonYYInn Keeper921,15111111111114 Ch of England
15G. SimpsonYYLabourer1711 Baptist
15Simon KempYCarpenter1672111 Ch of England, 6 Ch of Scotland
15John McGreggorYYGrocer25211221118 Presbyterian