1847 Malden Township, Essex County
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PGName of Head of HousePropietor of Real PropertyNon-Propietor of Real PropertyElligable to VoteTrade or Profession# Non-Family# Absent Family# Native of England# Native of Ireland# Native of Scotland# Native Canada French# Native Canada British# Other - Specify# Native US# Years in province when not Native# Aliens not Naturalized
# of Ages 0-5
# of Ages 5-14
# of Males 14-18
# of Males 18-21
# of Males 21-30
# of Males 30-60
# of Males 60 +
# of Females 14-45
# of Females 45 +
17Mrs GrondinYSpinster411114 Ch of Rome
17Joseph FovelleYYLabourer222 Ch of Rome
17Antoine RousseauYYBlk Smith411114 Ch of Rome
17H. TurnerYFarmer3203221119 Baptist
17Daniel BingoYLabourer41241111116 Baptist
17Mrs BrisboisYSpinster31113 Ch of Rome
17James DuncanYYMariner3310211115 Presbyterian
17Isaac BruyYYCarpenter221011114 Ch of England
17Mary Ann BriggsYSpinster23621115 Presbyterian
17Thomas PaxtonYGentleman1121111 Ch of England, 1 Ch of Rome, 1 Brit Wes Methodist
17Edward SallowsYWeslayan Minister2?,13112 British Weslayan Methodist
17J. B. GerardinYLabourer5111115 Ch of Rome
17J. B. Gerardin Jun.YLabourer512115 Ch of Rome
17Nelson BrownYLabourer21921311118 Baptist
17Wilson CarterYLabourer220121117 Baptist
17Joachim RenaudYFarmer8111111118 Ch of Rome
17Joseph BouffordYLabourer411114 Ch of Rome
17Leander BouffordYFarmer42114 Ch of Rome
17Antoine MellocheYBlk Smith101113111110 Ch of Rome
17Joseph GerardYCarpenter313 Ch of Rome
17James CullenYLabourer1520211116 Presbyterian
17Isaac AndersonYYLabourer222112 Methodist
17Pierre TaylorYSailor5111115 Ch of Rome
17John NortonYYLabourer416111125 Ch of Rome
17Horace CoteYLabourer5111115 Ch of Rome
17Mrs DuchenySpinster12222111312 Ch of Rome
17Mrs BoytonYSpinster1214 Presbyterian
17Mrs BanksYSpinster12212317 Baptist
17Simon LislippeYLabourer41214 Ch of Rome
17John SlightYCarpenter323111Not Given
17John NutsonYShip Carpenter511113 Ch of England
19James WilsonYYLabourer118,11112 Ch of Scotland
19Mrs MundyYSpinster6561111115 Episcopal Methodist, 1 Baptist
19Mrs WilsonYNot Given121112 Ch og Scotland, 1 Ch of Rome
19Edward MoxleyYLabourer26,102112 Baptist
19Etienne BodinYWheelwright71211117 Ch of Rome
19Marsaille BreauYCordwainer42114 Ch of Rome
19Fleming MitchamYYLabourer2212111114 Episcopal Methodist
19Ralph DynesYNot Given216112 Ch of England
19Mrs. MarcusYSchool Mistress111 Ch of Rome
19Mrs. DroulliardYSpinster42114 Ch of Rome
19Elijah ValentineYYCordwainer45,6,12411226 Baptist
19Peter JacksonYLabourer1201 Baptist
19Moses BrantfordYYLabourer21021112117 Baptist
19Isaac MaivilleYYFarmer7211116 Ch of Rome
19Maxim DuncanYCordwainer31113 Ch of Rome
19Pierre LaroseYLabourer2112 Ch of Rome
19Joseph O'DriennYLabourer613116 Ch of Rome
19Charles MellocheYBlk Smith521115 Ch of Rome
19Frederick TrembleyYLabourer81121118 Ch of Rome
19Benjamin AmlinYCarpenter7122117 Ch of Rome
19Gabriel GravlineYFarmer61111116 Ch of Rome
19Jacqur BouffordYFarmer721227 Ch of Rome
19Watson I?YFarmer3531111 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, 1 Other
19Antoine CattonYLabourer42114 Ch of Rome
19Thomas RenaudYYLabourer711111117 Ch of Rome
19Isaac WilsonYYCooper74711111121 Brit Wes Meth, 7 Episcopal Methodist
19John Const?YLabourer8231118 Ch of Rome
19John SmithYYLabourer21822121118 Baptist
19John MooreYCarpenter24121116 Ch of England
19Jonathon LewisYLabourer21822114 Baptist
19Cyrille MellocheYSawyer71121117 Ch of Rome
21Samuel HughesYFarmer2172112 British Weslayan Methodist
21L. BushiYLawyer4214 Ch of Rome
21George GobleYYLabourer511111115 Ch of England
21Baptiste BastienYCarpenter411114 Ch of Rome
21Eustin BastienYCarpenter7221117 Ch of Rome
21James RenaudYLabourer31113 Ch of Rome
21James Renaud Snr.YLabourer31113 Ch of Rome
21Eli MorinYYLabourer6211116 Ch of Rome
21Pierre CloutierYYCarpenter31113 Ch of Rome
21Joseph BertrandYLabourer811211118 Ch of Rome
21Mrs. BertrandYSpinster41214 Ch of Rome
21Ewin R. HowardYLabourer23,1821113 Episcopalian Methodist
21Mary TurnerYSpinster1161113 Baptist
21Mrs. RobbinYSpinster411114 Ch of Rome
21Benjamin AmmonsYLabourer120111 Baptist
21John MorganYLabourer2222 Baptist
21Squire SmithYLabourer117111 Baptist
21J. B. Bernard Sr.YLabourer51111116 Ch of Rome
21Charles BorronYFarmer6121116 Ch of Rome
21Romaine BorronYFarmer42114 Ch of Rome, 2 Baptist
21J. L. RiceYMinister382111212 Baptist
21Mrs. HuntYNot Given411114 Ch of Rome
21John BellYFarmer4272111117 Ch of England
21David WardYLabourer4542114 Episcopal Methodist
21Eustache BastienYYFarmer7111317 Ch of Rome
21Michael VieuxYYFarmer8321118 Ch of Rome
21David ThirmanYYFarmer211221115 Episcopal Methodist
21Mrs. BastienYSpinster2112 Ch of Rome
21James MorrisYBk Sergant11737,402221114 Ch of Scotland, 5 Ch of Rome
21Louis ?YCarpenter721126 Ch of Rome
21James GottYCordwainer328111115 Ch of England
23George LeslieYYCordwainer114,15112 Ch of England
23John G. KolfaxYTanner21635 ?101151211117 Ch of Rome, 5 Presbyterian
23John McLeodYMerchant11351 ?1231122112 Ch of England, 9 Presbyterian
23John ?YYBrewer246112116 British Weslayan Methodist
23H. MiddleditchYYMiller512549,10421121415111 Ch of Rome, 10 Ch of England, 1 Presbyterian, 7 Baptist
23Thomas GoodhueYYCarpenter2414211114 Ch of England
23R. T. ReynoldsYM. D.15110,1512111125 Chof England, 2 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist
23Robert Reynolds Esq.YSupervisor of Education11311123 Ch of England, 2 Ch of Rome, 1 Baptist
23Alexander JonesYY41 ?11111121118 Ch of Rome
23Daniel LawsonY?23,2022114 Baptist
23Robert GreenYFarmer310321115 Baptist
23H. WrightYFarmer11112,41141211212 Ch of England, 1 Brit Wes Methodist
23James Noble Snr.YYSchool Teacher413111115 Presbyterian
23Thomas A. BucknerYCordwainer43,12411121117 British Weslayan Methodist, 1 Baptist
23Isaac AskewYFarmer1543,1311221123 Ch of England, 8 Brit Wes Methodist
23Joseph WardYButcher355111111111 Ch of england, 7 Presbyterian
23Edward PulfordYYFarmer421231111 Ch of England
23Francis ?Not Given
23Charles Tondreault9 Baptist
23Dennis MedleyYYLabourer220211211125 Presbyterian
23A. BotsfordYClk Div Cv14551111Not Given
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