Unknown Information

One of our tasks is to fill out all unknown information about census records. The reason for this is two-fold:
1) To assist you as a researcher in locating your ancestor in a census on microfilm
2) To assist our volunteers

Youíve found this page because the census you clicked on is missing information. Either itís missing a microfilm number and/or location information.

We are seeking assistance to fill in this information. If you can help us please consider volunteering to be an Information Seeker

Information Seekers:
A "information seeker" is a person who is willing to view census microfilm/fiche to obtain specific information regarding the census (such as # of pages, # of people per census area, name of enumeration district, etc)


  • Access to census microfilm

    For a DETAILED description of info seeking, please see:
    Infoseeker's Handbook: HTML Format