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Ontario Locator helps locate Ontario Place Names for your Genealogy or History Research
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Ontario Locator is meant for the use of genealogists and historians (though we do understand other professions and hobbyists find the information useful). Our purpose is to help genealogists and historians discover the township, county or district they need in order to research family histories. Knowing this information will narrow your search down to one area instead of province-wide.

Ontario Locator currently has information on 11,000+ Ontario place names, but is far from complete - according to various sources there are close to 60,000 places in Ontario! We'll reach that goal... eventually.

This site does not, nor will it, have information on dwellings (houses/businesses), street names, postal codes, nor places located outside Ontario, Canada.

Places that are thought to be (or been) in Ontario. Your help is needed to confirm or deny the existence of these inquiries. Please help!

Looking for a cemetery? You can find them at CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project.

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