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Ontario Locator helps locate Ontario Place Names for your Genealogy or History Research
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Ontario Locator Search Tips
    Doing a search for *any* of the following words will NOT be effective:
    • Township (this will list every Township in Ontario [there are over 2600] - remove 'Township' from your request to get an effective result)
    • County (same as Township)
    • District (same as Township)
    • Also note that the more common the word is (such as 'Ville') the more hits you will get. The more unusual your search, the more effective it may be.

    Try ALL spelling variations you can possibly think of - For instance: Elmer could be spelled Elmer, Almer, Ilmer, Aylmer, etc. Howell could be spelled Howl, Howle, Howel, Howal, etc.

    Don't Be Fooled By Handwriting

    Switch Letters Around

    • 'A' 'E' and 'I' can sound similar, use all three (for instance - Elmer, Almer, Ilmer; Elmar, Almar, Ilmar; Elmir, Almir, Ilmir)
    • Also try interchanging the following letters: 'K' and 'C'; 'C' and 'S'; 'S', 'C' and 'X'

    Type in only the first 2-3 letters of the place name you are seeking

    Re / Er and Ie / Y: If looking for a place name that may end with and 're' brings up negative results, try searching with 'er'. The same with 'ie' and 'y'

    Add (or remove!) a word

    • Add North, South, East, or West to the front of the name (ie, "Gower" may be listed under "North Gower", "Paint Lake" may be under "East Paint Lake")
    • Add "Old" or "New" to the beginning of the name (or remove "Old" or "New" from the beginning of the name)

    Huron Lake or Lake Huron? In the case of Bays, Rivers or Lakes try both

    One word or two? If you're seeking a place name that could be viewed as two or more words, try searching it as one word, then again as two words (or three?).
    For example:

    • If seeking 'Bondhead' you would find it listed 'Bond Head'.
    • If seeking 'Old Castle' you would find it listed 'Oldcastle'.

Additions, Queries & Corrections
If, after trying all the search tips above, you still can't find what you're looking for, please help out by submitting a query or addition. Thank you.

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This search feature does exact searches only (meaning if you type in Binbrook it will not give you Benbrook).

Search Tips:

  • Wildcards such as ? or * won't work - just type in the first 2-3 letters (or browse)
  • Avoid using quotations " "
  • Avoid using a period (ie, St. Marys - look under St Marys)
  • Try more than one spelling variation! The place you're seeking may be listed but spelled differently.
  • Putting , ontario as part of your search won't be effective
  • Browse instead of search
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