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Cemetery, Locality, Province/Territory
Hussar Cemetery Hussar, Wheatland, AB
Huston / Mitchell Burial Site Pembina RM, MB
Huston Burial Ground Huston, Peterborough County, ON
Hutberg Cemetery Bothwell, Kent County, ON
Hutcheson Memorial Cemetery Huntsville, Muskoka District, ON
Hutchings Estate Cemetery Newboro, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Hutchins Cemetery Cornwall Beach, Essex County, ON
Hutchison Cemetery Sundre, Mountainview, AB
Hutchison Cemetery Elgin County, ON
Hutt Burial Place / Brown Burial Place Niagara Falls, Welland County, ON
Hutterian Brethren Cemetery Camrose, AB
Hutterian Brethren Colony Cemetery near Poplar Point, Cartier RM, MB
Hutterian Brethren of Huron Cemetery Eyebrow, Huron RM # 223, SK
Hutterite Bretheren of Pennant Cemetery Pennant, Riverside RM # 168, SK
Hutterite Brethren Colony Cemetery Rhineland RM, MB
Hutterite Brethren Colony Cemetery South Cypress, South Cypress RM, MB
Hutterite Brethren Colony Cemetery Fairholme, South Norfolk RM, MB
Hutterite Brethren of Rosetown Cemetery Rosetown, Marriott RM # 317, SK
Hutterville Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery Magrath, Cardston, AB
Hutton Family Cemetery Renfrew County, ON
Hutton Hill Cemetery Vickers, Grey County, ON
Huxley Cemetery Huxley, Kneehill, AB
Huxley Cemetery Wellington County, ON
Huxley Hutterite Cemetery Huxley, Kneehill, AB
Hwy 30 Mennonite Cemetery Rhineland RM, MB
Hyas Evangelical Covenant Cemetery Hyas, Keys RM # 303, SK
Hyatt Cemetery Kent County, ON
Hyatt Cemetery Milby, Compton County, QC
Hyde & Crosby Pioneer Cemetery Meadowbank, Queen's County, PEI
Hylo Public Cemetery Hylo, Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Hythe Cemetery Hythe, Grande Prairie, AB

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