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Cemetery, Locality, Province/Territory
Graham (Jackson) Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Graham / McTaggart's Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Graham Cemetery, Elgin County, ON
Graham Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Grand Bend Cemetery, Lambton County, ON
Grand Valley Cenotaph, Dufferin County, ON
Grand Valley Union Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Granger / St Cyprian's RC / 25th Sideroad RC Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Grant Baptist Cemetery, Russell County, ON
Grant Cemetery, Lambton County, ON
Granton United / Granton Methodist Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Grassy Lake Road Cemetery, Sudbury District, ON
Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Green Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Greenbush / Smith's Cemetery, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Greenfield Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Greenhill Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Greenhill Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Greenlaw / Baker's Cemetery, Peel County, ON
Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Essex County, ON
Greenock United Church / Greenock Methodist Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Greenwood / North Fredrickhouse Cemetery, Cochrane District, ON
Greenwood / Pinkerton Pioneer Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Perth County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Greenwood Cemetery / Griffin Burying Grounds, Prescott County, ON
Gregg Family Cemetery, Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Gregory Family Cemetery, Oxford County, ON
Grenfel Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Grove Cemetery, Prince Edward County, ON
Grove Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Grovesend Cemetery, Elgin County, ON
Groveside Cemetery, Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Guelph Township Memorial / Paisley Block Memorial Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Guffin Cemetery, Hastings County, ON
Gunter Cemetery, Hastings County, ON
Guthrie Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Guysboro Cemetery, Elgin County, ON
Hackett's Methodist / Trinity United Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Hagey Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON
Haileybury Catholic Cemetery, Timiskaming District, ON
Haines / Jordan Mennonite Cemetery, Lincoln County, ON
Half Moon Indian Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Hallman Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON
Hamilton Cemetery, Wentworth County, ON
Hamilton Family Burial Grounds, Lincoln County, ON
Hamilton's Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Hammond Burial Ground, Perth County, ON
Hammond Protestant Cemetery, Russell County, ON
Hampstead Cemetery, Perth County, ON
Hampton Union Cemetery, Durham County (now Durham Region), ON
Handsor Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Hanover New & Hanover Roman Catholic Cemeteries, Grey County, ON
Hans Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Hanselman / Dicks Hill Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Hansler's / Christ Brethern Church Cemetery, Welland County, ON
Hanton Cemetery, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Harcur Lyons Cemetery, Wentworth County, ON
Harkaway United Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Harley Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Harnden Cemetery, Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Harpurhey Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Harrietsville Anglican Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Harris Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Harrisburg United Church Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Harrison's United / Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Peel County, ON
Harriston Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Harrow British Methodist Episcopal Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Harrow United Church / Early Methodist Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Harrowsmith Cemetery, Frontenac County, ON
Hartford Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Hartley Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Hartman Cemetery, York County, ON
Haskins Cemetery, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Hatchley Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Haviland Family Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Hawkesville Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON
Haynes Family Cemetery, Lincoln County, ON
Hazeldean / Maple Grove / Clarke's Cemetery, Carleton County, ON
Hazeldean Union / Youngs Pond Road / St Paul's Anglican / Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, Carleton County, ON
Hazen Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Heaslip Cemetery, Lincoln County, ON
Heathcote Presbyterian Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Heatherington Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Heavenly Rest Roman Catholic Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Heidelberg Hillside Conservative Mennonite Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON
Hemlock / Houghton Baptist Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Hemstock Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Henderson / New Connexion Methodist Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Henry Brinkley Cemetery, Wentworth County, ON
Henry Cemetery, Lincoln County, ON
Hensall Union Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Henson Burial Ground Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Hess / North Caradoc Methodist / Ogg Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Hick's Bible Christian Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Highland Creek Wesleyan Cemetery, York County, ON
Highland Hills Memorial Gardens, York County, ON
Highland Park Cemetery, Peterborough County, ON
Highland Park Cemetery, Carleton County, ON
Hillcrest Brethern Cemetery, Hastings County, ON
Hillcrest Cemetery, Kenora District, ON
Hillcrest Cemetery, York County, ON
Hillcrest Cemetery, Halton County, ON
Hillcrest Cemetery, Parry Sound District, ON
Hills Burial Plot, Kent County, ON
Hillsboro Anglican / St George's Cemetery, Lambton County, ON
Hillsburgh Pioneer / God's Acre Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Hillsdale Cemetery, Lambton County, ON
Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Hillsdale United Church Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Hillsgreen Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Hillside Cemetery, Waterloo County, ON
Hillside Cemetery, Algoma District, ON
Hillside Community Cemetery, Peterborough County, ON
Hilly Grove Cemetery, Manitoulin District, ON
Hiltz Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Hilyer's / Abandoned Cemetery, Victoria County, ON
Hoards United Church Cemetery, Northumberland County, ON
Hobart Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Hoffman/Huffman Old Burying Ground, Essex County, ON
Holinshead Family Cemetery, Muskoka District, ON
Holmes Cemetery, Grenville County, ON
Holmes Cemetery, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Holmes Pioneer Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Holstein / Reid's Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Holy Angels Cemetery, Elgin County, ON
Holy Cross Cemetery, York County, ON
Holy Martyrs of Japan / McGann's Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Holy Redeemer Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Algoma District, ON
Holy Sepulchre Roman Catholic Cemetery, Wentworth County, ON
Holy Trinity / Plevna-Ardoch Community Cemetery, Frontenac County, ON
Holy Trinity Anglican / Victoria Corners Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Holy Trinity Cemetery, Hastings County, ON
Holy Trinity Cemetery, Parry Sound District, ON
Holy Trinity Cemetery, Welland County, ON
Holy Trinity Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Homer Burying Ground / The Ten Anglican Cemetery, Lincoln County, ON
Homestead Burials, ON
Hoover / Rainham Mennonite Cemetery, Haldimand County, ON
Hope Cemetery / Cimetiere De L'Espoir, Carleton County, ON
Hope Chapel Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Hope Church Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Hope Lane / Fox Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Hopkins Pioneer Cemetery, Halton County, ON
Hornby Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Halton County, ON
Horning's Mills Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Horton Cemetery, Leeds County (now United Counties of Leeds & Grenville), ON
Houghton Burial Site / Bethesda Congregational Church Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Houghton Township War Memorial / Fairground Memorial Cairn, Norfolk County, ON
Howick Baptist Church Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Howick Orthodox Mennonite Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Howick Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Howitt Memorial / Kirkland's Apportionment Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Hubble Cemetery, Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Hubble Hill Cemetery, Hastings County, ON
Huffman Cemetery, Norfolk County, ON
Hughson Family Cemetery, Dufferin County, ON
Hume / Cutler / McKellar Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Humphrey Cemetery, Algoma District, ON
Humphrey Conger Union Cemetery, Parry Sound District, ON
Hunt Cemetery, Carleton County, ON
Hunter Hoodless / Pioneer / Old Presbyterian Cemetery, Brant County, ON
Hunter Old Cemetery, Huron County, ON
Hurlburt's Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Huron United Church / Huron Presbyterian / Lewis Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Huronview Cairn, Huron County, ON
Hutberg Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Hutchins Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Hutton Hill Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Huxley Cemetery, Wellington County, ON
Hyatt Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Iler Settlement Baptist New Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Iler Settlement Baptist Old Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Immaculate Conception RC / Pain Court RC Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Immaculate Conception RC Cemetery, Welland County, ON
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Inistioge United Church Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Inkerman Cemetery, Dundas County, ON
Inman Road Cemetery, Haldimand County, ON
Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium, Simcoe County, ON
Inverhuron Park Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Invermay Methodist / Aarold Methodist / Old Methodist Cemetery, Bruce County, ON
Iona Cemetery, Elgin County, ON
Iroquois United Church Cemetery, Dundas County, ON
Irwin Cemetery, Grey County, ON
Irwin Cemetery, Essex County, ON
Irwin Cemetery, Lambton County, ON
Islington Burying Grounds / Islington Pioneer Cemetery, York County, ON
Ivan / Melville United Cemetery, Middlesex County, ON
Ivey Family Plot, Northumberland County, ON
Ivy Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe County, ON
Jack Hill / Hind Cemetery, Kent County, ON
Jack Miner Burial Ground, Essex County, ON
Jackson / Spring Creek Cemetery, Bruce County, ON

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