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These are the family lines I’m actively researching. If you are related, please get in touch!

The BECVAR family emigrated to the USA in the 1870s from a part of Bohemia that is now part of the Czech Republic. They lived for a few years in New York City before migrating west to Minnesota, then North Dakota. In 1908 they headed north to Saskatchewan, Canada.

Alois Becvar 1830-1897 married Mary Machek (Maschek?) 1840-1918. Known children:
1. Hynek 1864-1933
2. Augustina 1867-1946, married John KAUFENBERG
3. Anna 1869-1871
4. Amelia 1870-1912, married Joseph RIPPEL
5. Alois “Louie” 1876-1927, married Gertie FREESTON
6. James 1877-1952, married Beatrice TOWNSEND
7. Mary Rose 1881-1980, married William BACON
8. Josef 1884-?

The Brownlee family was from County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland though they may have originated in Scotland!

Robert Brownlee, son of James, was born between 1833-1841. He may have had a sister named Barbara.  He married Mary Anne Collum & Maggie Magrath and had the following children:
1. Margaret, 1871-1955, married David HOGG
2. Anna Maria 1872-?
3. Elizabeth 1873-1938, married Ernest FINCH
4. Sarah Maria 1875-?, married James THOMPSON
5. Emma 1876-1921, married Joseph IRVING
6. Kathleen 1878-1961, married David McBRIDE
7. Eva 1879-1957, married Ross McGUIRE
8. Florence 1881-1917, married Harry CUNNINGHAM
9. Simon 1884-1960, married Elizabeth ANDERSON
10. Jack 1899-1972
11. Louisa 1901-1990, married Tom DIXON
12. William 1903-1976
13. Charles 1904-1988, married Betty GRAY
14. Annie 1908-1988

James Hall immigrated to Canada from Cavan County, Ireland by the late 1840’s. He settled in Peterborough County, Ontario and was later joined by his brother William. A third brother, Richard, seems to have remained in Ireland.

James Hall 1820-1899 married Margery Taylor 1834-1914. Known children:
1. William c1859-1874
2. Jane 1861-1930
3. George 1863-1949, married Ruth LEESON
4. John 1864-1934, married Elizabeth WILDMAN
5. James 1867-1935, married Margaret SHEARER

The McGuire’s were from Monaghan County, Ireland and immigrated to Canada in the 1830s.

Blaney McGuire 1797-1869 married Sarah and Maria. Known children:
1. Blaney 1826-1895, married Elizabeth BOULTON
2. James 1838-?
3. Margaret 1841-1841
4. Maria 1843-1903, married James JONES
5. Lucinda 1849-1907, married Alexander BELL
6. Alexander 1851-?
7. Hugh 1853-1938, married Margaret KENNEDY & Martha KEMP

Family lore has this family originating in Alsace-Lorraine but records indicate they came from Bavaria. By 1860 they had emigrated to the USA and were living in Ohio. They lived there for a few years before migrating west to North Dakota, then to Canada.

Paul Rippel c1833-1912 married Anna Oestreicher c1836-1891. Known children:
1. Mary Ann 1857-1937, married Frank FALTER
2. Barbara 1858-1917, married Andrew McKINNEY
3. Kate 1860-?
4. Anna 1862-1938, married Edmin DOERING, John MUNDIGEL & August TEUBER
5. Joseph 1863-1948, married Amelia BECVAR
6. Jack 1867-?, married Mary
7. Elisabeth 1869-?
8. William 1873-?
9. George 1874-1874

In 1820, Archibald Jr and his sons Archibald III, Andrew and John left Scotland for Canada. They were later joined by sons Alexander, Matthew, Gavin, James, Helen and Janet. The rest of the family remained in Scotland including Archibald Jr’s wife Ann.

Archibald Shearer Jr 1775-1851, married Ann Wilson 1775-1847. Known children:
1. Nellie c1796-1873, married Thomas DAVIDSON
2. Archibald III 1797-1867, married Agnes BLACKSTOCK
3. William 1800-1825
4. Andrew 1802-1888, married Helen WADDELL
5. John 1805-1884, married Sarah BRADLEY
6. Janet c1810-1847, married John YETTS
7. James 1810-1892, married Mary MARSHALL
8. Gavin 1811-1898, married Janet GILCHRIST
9. Christina 1813-?, married Robert LOCKHEAD
10. Peggy c1814-?
11. Alexander 1814-1901, married Lydia SWEET
12. Ann c1816-?
13. Matthew 1817-1899, married Charlotte BROWN
14. Sandy c1820-?
15. Angus c1822-?

Joseph Van Norman, possibly the son of Samuel Van Naamen & Sarah Delamontanie, lived in Pennsylvania & New York. His sons Joseph & Benjamin immigrated to Canada in the 1820’s where (with friend Hiram Capron) they co-founded the village of Normandale. Benjamin left soon after and helped his father-in-law George TILLSON start the town of Tillsonburg.

Joseph Van Norman 1741-1824 married Elizabeth Wybern 1743-1813. Known children:
1. Ephraim c1762-1851, married Betsy MINOR
2. Isaac 1764-?, married Elizabeth TRUSDALE
3. Daniel 1766-?, married Ann
4. John 1768-1831 married Sarah DEPEW
5. Susannah c1770-?, married Henry COUNTRYMAN
6. Jesse c1773-1851, married Lidia SMITH & Alletta AMERMAN
7. Sarah c1775-1823, married Thomas FLEMING
8. Aaron 1778-1862, married Lucretia WOODWARD
9. Eliza 1778-?, married Thaddeus MUNSON & Elijah OWEN
10. Levi c1787-?

The Davies family lived in Lancashire, England. James Davies (also seen as DAVY in some records) c1745-1799, married Ann ARNOLD 1752-1812. Known children:
1. Thomas 1773-?, married Esther ROTHWELL
2. William 1776-1843, married Sarah EDWARDS
3. Richard 1777-1842, married Margaret
4. Martha c1779-?, married Hugh SUTTON
5. Elizabeth 1781-c1819, married James RUSHTON
6. Mary 1782-?
7. John 1785-1849, married Elizabeth JUMP
8. Hannah 1785-?
9. James 1791-1820
10. Margaret 1792-1809
11. Jane 1795-?
12. Catherine, married John FRITH

Matthew Gilbert immigrated from England to New Haven, Connecticut in 1638. In 1639 he was one of the pillars of the Church. He married Jane BAKER.

Matthew & Jane’s great-grandson is Isaac Gilbert. I’m currently researching and planning to publish a book of Isaac’s descendants. More information can be found on the Isaac Gilbert Book Update site.

Isaac Gilbert 1742-1822 married Mary Rowland 1754-1822. Known children:
1. Rowland 1772-1859, married Phoebe THURSTON
2. Betsey 1774-1816, married Jonathan BAKER
3. Abigail 1775-1777
4. Phebe 1780-1812
5. Sarah 1782-1850, married Platt WOOD
6. Mary 1785-1869, married John McINALLY
7. Isaac 1787-1848, married Margaret WYCKOFF
8. Ruth 1789-1870, married Robert McALISTER
9. Abigail 1790-1834, married Peter WYCKOFF
10. Rebeckah 1792-1794
11. David 1793-1871, married Elsie BOUGHNER
12. Rebeckah 1794-c1870, married Alexander LEMON
13. Ebenezer 1797-1871, married Catherine CLENDENNING, Nancy LEMON & Mary Ann POTTER

Family lore has Jacob Miller emigrating to North America to avoid serving n the Prussian Army. He married Elizabeth Dickhout, the daughter of a Prussian soldier.

Jacob Miller 1776-1848 married Elizabeth Dickhout 1783-c1859. Known children:
1. Catherine 1800-1881, married Conrad BOOK
2. John c1802-?, married Mary HEDGES, Anna, & Catherine NELLES
3. Andrew c1803-?, married Lydia DENNIS
4. Jacob c1808-1865, married Esther VAN SICKLE
5. Anna 1808-1896, married Abraham VAN SICKLE
6. Samuel 1812-1886, married Mary SCOTT
7. Margaret 1818-1892, married John EDMONDS
8. Susan 1822-1898, married Jabez ABELL
9. Elijah, married Sarah REYNOLDS

Amos Pettit is a mystery. He was likely born in the USA and is connected to the Pettit family that settled in the Niagara area of Ontario (we’re just not yet sure how!). His son Stephen is first found in the Niagara area c1799.

Stephen Pettit 1792-1857 married Susannah Silverthorn 1794-1863. Known children:
1. Hiram 1814-1834
2. Rachel 1816-1891
3. Joel 1818-1895, married Rebecca YOCUM
4. Elijah 1820-1890, married Margaret VINCENT
5. Edwin 1822-1889, married Mary TEAL
6. Stephen 1825-1900, married Eliza HODGE
7. Hannah c1826-1890, married Isaiah GLOVER
8. Marilla 1830-1891
9. Thomas c1832-?, married Amantha
10. Mary c1835-?
11. Gideon 1835-1849

Capt. David Babcock 1752-? m: Elizabeth Howe 1771-1804. Their son Zeba Babcock married Sarah Snider. The Babcocks & Sniders were Loyalist families who settled in Lennox & Addington County, Ontario.

The Criveas lived in Tweed, Ontario. I’m especially interested in Martin Crivea.

George Dear 1776-1851/61 m: Elizabeth Musick 1783-?. They lived in Bedford, England and had 10 known children, one of which was Edward Dear 1824-1904.

Christian Hartung 1860-? m: Friederike Mueller 1866-?. They lived in Hörde and Soest, Germany.

William Hughes 1854-1913 m: Annie Stewart 1857-1929. They emigrated from Ireland to Glasgow, Scotland soon after they married in 1879.

Richard Nicholas 1835-1910 m: Sarah Bidgood 1835-?. Richard was possibly a son of Gregory Nicholas. This family lived in Cornwall & Devon, England and had 7 known children. Daughter Edith married Joseph Yeoman and emigrated to Ontario.

Thomas Raison (Rayson) 1787-1872 m: Joanna 1825-1900. Thomas was from “Stoke, England” and Joanna from Upper Canada. They had 3 known children: Elizabeth Sophronia, Margaret Jane, and Justus Lee. They lived for a time in Welland County, Ontario before moving to Elgin County.

Harman Ryckman 1828-1893 m: Isabella Simms/Simons 1832-?. They had 5 known children and lived in Norfolk County, Ontario.

Anton Siering 1870-? m: Anna Giesel. They lived in Soest, Germany.

Stephen Stanton/Standon 1810-1884 m: (1) Harriet Ferner, (2) Maria Martin. Stephen was from Sussex, England where he married his first wife Harriet. They had 7 children, the last being born in Elgin County, Ontario. With his second wife, he had 6 known children all born in Elgin County, Ontario.

Jacob Sweigart/Swigart 1812-? m: Barbara 1825-1870/76. They lived in Pennsylvania. Jacob was possibly the son of Michael Sweigart & Anna Maria Over.

Joseph Yeoman 1830-1880 m: Mary 1831-?. They lived in Ermington, Devon, England. To make things interesting Joseph was possibly the son of Joseph & Mary Yeoman and the grandson of Joseph & Mary Yeoman. 

At the age of 13, I discovered I had an insatiable urge to know the full names, birth dates and places of my family. So, one summer afternoon while visiting my paternal aunt, I sat her down for a little inquisition. That Christmas I compiled a family tree wall chart and a family tree book. While both only went back as far as my grandparents, they were well received by the family. This led me to asking more questions and over the next few years I quietly gathered everything I could get my hands on.

By the time I was 16 I knew this was what I wanted to do, so when it came time to discuss career options at school I made an appointment with a career counselor to see what courses I would need to become a “real” genealogist. I was bluntly told there was no such thing. When I protested the counselor summoned a nearby teacher to prove his point. Instead the teacher informed him that another teacher’s wife was a genealogist!

Less than a week later I was taken “under the wing” of that genealogist and taught the fundamentals of genealogical research. My deepest gratitude goes to her, her husband and that teacher! Without them I would not be where I am today.

Since then I have been able to document enough of my family tree to qualify for membership in The General Society of Mayflower Descendants, The United Empire Loyalists’ Association of Canada, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I also volunteer as co-ordinator of the CanadaGenWeb and OntarioGenWeb Projects, co-founder of the OntarioGenWeb Census Project & CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project.

I also maintain several other web pages, write family histories, run a family association, and try to keep up with correspondence.

Please use this form only if you are looking to make a genealogy connection.

In case of an issue with one of my other websites, please make use of the contact and feedback forms available on those websites. Thank you!