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How often is the list updated?
Whenever someone posts a new immigrant ancestor. It could happen hourly, daily or weekly.

How many immigrant ancestors can I add?
As many as you'd like as long as they are added one at a time.

Do I need to include my e-mail address?
Yes. The point of the list is to connect with others researching the same immigrant ancestors. If you don't want to be contacted, don't submit your ancestor.  If you are concerned about spam, create a new free e-mail address (there are several providers of these out there) and use that for this purpose.

What if I don't know what country my ancestor is from?
A country of origin is required so you need to know the country before your ancestor can be included on the list.

What if I don't know where in Canada my ancestor emigrated to?
Knowing the province or territory is required, if you need help figuring that out see CanadaGenWeb.

What province is...
Acadia = Nova Scotia
Canada East = Quebec
Canada West = Ontario
Lower Canada = Quebec
Upper Canada = Ontario

I have new information about an ancestor I've already added to the list, can I update it?
Yes!  Find the listing and fill out the form that appears underneath.

I want my immigrant ancestor removed.
Locate the ancestor in question, underneath the listing you'll see the remove/change form.

I tried contacting another researcher about the immigrant ancestor but the e-mail bounced.
Please let us know by filling out the remove/change form found on the ancestor page.

I tried contacting another researcher but they never wrote back.
Give it a couple weeks (or a full month) and try again. They may be on vacation or ill. If you don't get a response to your second message after two weeks, please use the remove form underneath the listing to let us know.

My immigrant ancestor was removed... why?
There are multiple reasons:
- The submission form was incorrectly filled out. Please read it over carefully before you hit submit.
- Your e-mail bounced.
- You requested its removal.
- A researcher attempted contact and requested removal after no response.

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