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Hanley Cemetery, Rosedale RM # 283, SK

Hanley Cemetery
Street Address: Hwy 764
Community: Hanley
Township: NE 35-30-04 W3
Locality: Rosedale RM # 283
Municipality: West Central
Province: SK
GPS: 51.619695,-106.457581

Church / Denomination: Non-Denominational

Established 1907

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Marjorie Munroe
    Indexed by Julia Adamson

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    ALEXANDER, George  
    AMES, Allie Isabella  
    ANDERSON, Arnold  
    ANDERSON, Ashley Marie  
    ANDERSON, Bertha  
    ANDERSON, Carmen R.  
    ANDERSON, Gustave  
    ANDERSON, Mary  
    ANDERSON, Max  
    ANDERSON, Oliver John  
    ANDERSON, Susan  
    ANRGUE, (unreadable)  
    ARGUE, Alice Alena  
    ARGUE, Ann  
    ARGUE, Annie  
    ARGUE, George  
    ARGUE, Henry Edmund  
    ARGUE, Opal Lorraine  
    ARMSTRONG, Floyd  
    ARMSTRONG, Lila J.  
    BALDWIN, (unreadable)  
    BALLARD, Caroline  
    BALLARD, Charles  
    BALLARD, Edward Southurch  
    BALLARD, Evelyne  
    BALLARD, Jeanet  
    BALLARD, Lula Elsie  
    BALLARD, Mary Ethel  
    BARNES, Arthur D.  
    BARNES, Ida May  
    BARNES, John Wesley  
    BEACOCK, Alice  
    BEALS, Mildred Mary  
    BEALS, V. Beryl  
    BEAUMONT, Caroline Elizabeth  
    BEAUMONT, Elsie  
    BEAUMONT, Henry James  
    BEAUMONT, Ida Ann  
    BEAUMONT, John Sydney  
    BEAUMONT, Joseph S.  
    BEAUMONT, Lena  
    BEAUMONT, Marion Luella  
    BEAUMONT, Norm  
    BEAUMONT, Ray David  
    BEAUMONT, Stanley Beirnes  
    BEDIENT, (unreadable)  
    BEDIENT, Clifford  
    BEDIENT, Emma  
    BEDIENT, Esther  
    BEDIENT, George  
    BEDIENT, James Benj.  
    BEDIENT, Joan  
    BEDIENT, Lena  
    BEDIENT, Mildred Eva  
    BELL, Lillian (McKee)  
    BELL, William Sr.  
    BENOLKIN, Frances "Irene"   1907 - 2003
    BERGURST, Irene Elizabeth  
    BERQUIST, Henning W.  
    BERSTAD, Nicole  
    BEST, Anne E.  
    BLACK, Myrtle (Whittle)  
    BLAKEY, (infant)  
    BLOOM, Knut A.  
    BOHRSON, Albert Wm.  
    BOHRSON, Bert  
    BOHRSON, Edward  
    BOHRSON, Elmer Curtis  
    BOHRSON, Esther H.  
    BOHRSON, Gary Stevens  
    BOHRSON, Gladys Marion  
    BOHRSON, Grace Hilda  
    BOHRSON, Henry Bernard  
    BOHRSON, Hilda  
    BOHRSON, Jean  
    BOHRSON, Jennie T.  
    BOHRSON, Kenneth W.  
    BOHRSON, Lyle Albert  
    BOHRSON, Marion  
    BOHRSON, Muriel Hayden  
    BOHRSON, Robert  
    BOHRSON, Thomas  
    BOHRSON, Thomas Peter  
    BOHRSON, Wes  
    BOHRSON, William  
    BONA, Marj.  
    BONA, Wallace  
    BOWLER, (unnamed)  
    BOWMAN, Adeline  
    BOYD, Frances Elizabeth  
    BOYD, Robert A.  
    BRADLEY, Mary Olive  
    BRADLEY, William R.  
    BROWN, (unnamed)  
    BRUCE, Alexander  
    BRUCE, Mary  
    BRUCE, R.P., Mrs.  
    BRUCE, Robert P.  
    BRUCE, Robert Perrie  
    BUNDERSON, Hazel Eileen  
    BURLEY, Beatrice Thelma  
    BURR, Irene Hazel  
    BURR, John James  
    CAMPBELL, Elsie Ilene  
    CAMPBELL, Mary Jane  
    CARPENTER, Charles  
    CARPENTER, Gladys Adeline  
    CARPENTER, Raymond Heald  
    CARR, Frederick H. Glyn  
    CATTON, Archibald Bruce "Archie"  
    CATTON, Brooksbank "Brook"   1881 - 1953
    CATTON, Eliza Etta "Lila" (Hagerty)   1883 - 1952
    CATTON, Elmer Herbert  
    CATTON, Emma C.  
    CATTON, Frances "Irene" (Benolkin)   1907 - 2003
    CATTON, Jack Orva  
    CATTON, James "Alfred"   1890 - 1922
    CATTON, James Elmer  
    CHANDLER, James Franklin  
    CHASMAR, Gordon  
    CHASMAR, Gordon Barry R.  
    CHASMAR, Ida Annie  
    CHASMAR, Ida Mary  
    CHASMAR, Raymond George  
    CHURCHILL, Allan  
    CHURCHILL, Frank D.  
    CLANCY, Edgar James  
    CLANCY, Elva Mary  
    CLANCY, Jacob  
    CLANCY, James Wesley  
    CLARK, Charles S.B.  
    CLARK, Mary  
    COATES, Charlotte Ann  
    COLES, Mary J (Dowdell)  
    COLWELL, Elizabeth Jane  
    COLWELL, William  
    COOK, Janet Emma  
    COOK, Thomas  
    COULTHARD, Carole  
    CRADDOCK, Raymond  
    CRAWFORD, David Emmerson  
    CRAWFORD, Garry  
    CRAWFORD, Minne  
    CROSS, Allen Cluff  
    DEAN, George Gordon  
    DEAN, Susan A. Mundell  
    DEAN, Thomas Argue  
    DELONG, Raymond  
    DEREGT, John  
    DEREGT, Sonji  
    DIETZ, Alex  
    DIETZ, Ruth  
    DONALDSON, George Fulton  
    DONALDSON, Harry Joscelyn  
    DONALDSON, Harry Thomas  
    DOWDELL, Mary J  
    DRAKE, Joseph H.  
    DRAKE, Martha  
    DUDDRIDGE, Charles  
    DUDDRIDGE, Ethel  
    DUDDRIDGE, Fred  
    DUDDRIDGE, Len  
    DUDDRIDGE, Lillian  
    DUNCAN, Francis Guy  
    DUNCAN, Fredrich John  
    DUNCAN, Gordon R.  
    DUNCAN, Margaret Mildred  
    DUNCAN, Marjorie  
    DUNCAN, Mary Gladys  
    DYCK, David  
    DYCK, Elizabeth  
    DYCK, Frank T.  
    DYCK, John  
    EDGERTON, Arthur  
    EDGERTON, Jane Eliza  
    EGELY, Beatta Julia  
    EGELY, Emanuel  
    EGILE, E., Mrs.  
    ELDRIDGE, (unreadable)  
    ENGLEHARDT, Bill  
    ENGLUND, Olaf Albert  
    EYRE, Susan Ann  
    EYRE, William Francis  
    FARR, Myrtle Arelene  
    FILK, Augusta  
    FILK, Frank  
    FINLAY, John Anson  
    FINLAY, M. Janie  
    FLETCHER, Gerald William  
    FLETCHER, Minnie Maird  
    FLETCHER, William James  
    FORD, Mary  
    FROESE, Shaydon  
    FUSEE, George Ervin  
    FUSEE, Nellie  
    GAINES, Benjamin F.  
    GAINES, Myrtle Irene  
    GALLOWAY, Matilda  
    GALLOWAY, Walter  
    GALLOWAY, William  

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