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Green Acres Memorial Gardens Ltd., Weyburn RM # 67, SK

Green Acres Memorial Gardens Ltd.
Community: Weyburn
Township: SW 11-08-14 W2
Locality: Weyburn RM # 67
Municipality: South East
Province: SK
GPS: 49.629705,-103.807820

Church / Denomination: Non-denominational

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Harold Whiteoak, additions from Dennis Wanner
    Indexed by Harold Whiteoak

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

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    ACHEN, Ellen  
    ACHEN, Milton M  
    ADACSI, Dianne  
    ADAMYK, Louis  
    ADAMYK, Marie  
    ADAMYK, William J  
    ADOLPHE, Loraine  
    ADOLPHE, Lucille  
    AITKEN, James  
    ALDRICH, Jennie  
    ALDRICH, Lenard  
    ALEXANDER, Anna  
    ALEXANDER, Donald Vincent  
    ALEXANDER, Pauline  
    ALEXANDER, Valerie  
    ALLEN, Blair  
    ALLEN, Elsie Emma  
    ALLEN, Florence  
    ALLEN, James G  
    ALLEN, Louise  
    ALLEN, Lyle  
    ALLEN, Theresa  
    ALMQUIST, Gena  
    ALMQUIST, Henry  
    ALTON, Joseph  
    ALTON, Marion Estella  
    ALTWASSER, Georgie  
    AMONIUK, John  
    ANDERSON, Alof  
    ANDERSON, August  
    ANDERSON, Edith  
    ANDERSON, Emeline  
    ANDERSON, James  
    ANDERSON, Lawrence  
    ANDERSON, Mary  
    ANDREW, S. James Preston  
    ANDREWS, Elva  
    APPELQUIST, Adolf  
    APPELQUIST, Astrid  
    ARCHIBALD, Christine  
    ARCHIBALD, Prescot  
    ARGUE, Holten  
    ARNDT, Alma  
    ARNDT, Ferdinand  
    ARNOLD, Alfred  
    ARTS, Cornelius  
    ASHWORTH, Gordon, Lyle  
    ASHWORTH, Harry  
    ASHWORTH, John Wm  
    ASHWORTH, Raymond George  
    ASTRID, Ron Mark  
    ATCHISON, John S  
    ATKINSON, Charles Albert  
    AUSUM, Raymond  
    BACHMAN, Jacob  
    BACKLIN, Mabel  
    BACKLIN, Sigurd  
    BACKLUND, Edna Anna  
    BACZUR, Peter  
    BAILLIE, George G  
    BAILLIE, Wilma  
    BAJCIC, Josip  
    BAJCIC, Mary Ann  
    BAKKEN, May  
    BAKKEN, Olaf  
    BAKKEN, Roy Norman  
    BALD, Catherine  
    BALD, William  
    BALKWILL, Royce Ellison  
    BALKWILL, Sarah  
    BALKWILL, William  
    BANGSUND, Gilbert  
    BANGSUND, Melvin  
    BARLOW, Francis  
    BARLOW, Percy E  
    BARRETT, Lucille  
    BARRETT, William  
    BARRINGTON, Mary  
    BARRINGTON, Thomas  
    BARRY, Hector  
    BAYERLE, Joseph  
    BAYERLE, Magdalena Helen  
    BAYERLE, Phillip  
    BAYERLE, Wilhelmena  
    BEARD, Joseph  
    BEERS, Darlene  
    BEERS, Harry  
    BEISCHEL, Jean Margaret  
    BELL, Henry James  
    BELL, Linda  
    BENNETT, Barry  
    BENNETT, Dennis  
    BENNETT, Doreen  
    BENNETT, Elizabeth Ann  
    BENNETT, Willis M  
    BENSON, Angeline ?Bella?  
    BENSON, Ernest  
    BENSON, Orville  
    BENT, Atwood  
    BENT, Mary  
    BERGSTEINSSON, Michael  
    BERNARD, Anna  
    BERNARD, Peter  
    BERNARD, Willard  
    BERRY, Eleanor  
    BETTERIDGE, Adeline  
    BETTERIDGE, Harold  
    BIRRELL, Selma  
    BIRRELL, William H  
    BISSETT, Melvin  
    BISSETT, Viola  
    BISSON, Andrew  
    BLACKMER, Daniel  
    BLACKMER, Ethel  
    BLAINE, Elizabeth  
    BLAINE, Robert  
    BLIEMEL, Richard  
    BLISH, Chester  
    BLISH, Ethel  
    BLISS, George I  
    BLOOMQUIST, Albin  
    BLOOMQUIST, Emil  
    BLOOMQUIST, Margaret  
    BLOOR, Lawrence  
    BOBIER, Malcom  
    BOCIAN, Maria  
    BOCIAN, Samuel  
    BOHN, Alwine  
    BOHN, Arthur Wm  
    BOHN, Louis  
    BORGEN, Elinar  
    BORGEN, Violet  
    BOSSENBERRY, Edward  
    BOSSENBERRY, Minerva  
    BOSSENBERRY, William  
    BOTTINEAU, Romauld  
    BOURQUIN, Mabel I. Rimmer  
    BOWDEN, Alice  
    BOWDEN, Richard  
    BOWEN, George  
    BOWEN, Jean G  
    BOYCE, Blair Ian  
    BOYLE, Charles  
    BOYLE, Martha  
    BOYLE, Robert, Keith  
    BRADY, Jacob  
    BRADY, Lydia  
    BRANNING, Clifford  
    BRANNING, Helen  
    BREEN, James T  
    BRENHOLEN, Alfred  
    BRENHOLEN, Cecil  
    BRENHOLEN, Emil  
    BRENHOLEN, John  
    BRENHOLEN, Leeta Janet (Marriott)  
    BRENHOLEN, Vernice  
    BRIDGMAN, Baxter  
    BRIDGMAN, Maude  
    BRIMSO, Andrew  
    BROCK, Veronica  
    BRODIE, Neil  
    BROKENSHIRE, Mathew Wade  
    BROKENSHIRE, Shannnon Lee  
    BROWN, Annie Viola  
    BROWN, Emerson Oscar  
    BROWN, Esther  
    BROWN, Henry  
    BROWN, Irene  
    BROWN, John  
    BROWN, Loretta  
    BROWN, Radie  
    BROWN, Robert  
    BROWN, Wilfred Harold  
    BROZA, Andrew  
    BROZA, Maria  
    BRUSCH, Amos  
    BRUSCH, Mabel  
    BUCHANAN, Joseph  
    BUCHOLTZ, Fred  
    BUCHOLTZ, Marie  
    BUCKNER, Cora  
    BUCKNER, Debs Eugene  
    BUCKNER, Ella V  
    BUCKNER, Roscoe  
    BUEHLER, Alice  
    BUEHLER, Edward  
    BUKOWSKI, Ted  

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