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Yale Pioneer Cemetery, Fraser Valley Regional District, BC

Yale Pioneer Cemetery
Street Address: 30860 Trans-Canada Hwy
Community: Yale
Locality: Fraser Valley Regional District
Municipality: Abbotsford
Province: BC
GPS: 49.556950,-121.444524

Established 1858, no longer in use. Maintained by the Yale and District Historical Society.

From Hope, head North on the Trans-Canada Hwy (Water Ave/BC-1 E) for 22.3 km, turn right and drive another 8m to the cemetery.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Index courtesy of Donna Marie Creighton-Murphy [2013]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

    Number in SECTION refers to PLOT #

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    (unknown)   ? - 1861
    (unreadable), Gertrude   ? ?
    ANSELLMI, Oliver  
    ARNOTT, John Harold  
    BARNETT, J.S.  
    BARRY, Charles  
    BARRY, Mary Ellen  
    BROWNING, Mary E.   ? - 1863
    BUIE, Agnes  
    CALDERONI, Antonio  
    CAMPBELL, Bridget  
    CASTLE, Alph  
    CASTLE, Emma  
    CASTLE, Maggie (McLinden)  
    CASTLE, Robert  
    CHOATE, Frederick Z.  
    CLARE, William Frank  
    CLARKE, John   ? - 1862
    COX, Arthur F.  
    COX, Sunset Lemuel  
    CREIGHTON, Amy Lillian  
    CREIGHTON, David James  
    CREIGHTON, Mary Alice  
    CREIGHTON, Thelma Eris  
    DINARDO, Manuele  
    ENDERLIN, E.F.   ? - 1866
    EVANS, Charles  
    EVANS, Lillian  
    EVES, George   ? - 1862
    FAGERVIK, Gudrun  
    FAGERVIK, Helga  
    FAGERVIK, Ludwig  
    FAGERVIK, Wilhelm  
    FLANN, Arthur T.  
    GEISLER, F.W.  
    GEISLER, Peggy   ? - 1930's (age: 7)
    GLADWIN, James G.  
    IRVING, Louisa E.  
    JACKSON, Mary Anne  
    JENSEN, Hans  
    JOHNSON, Axel Gabriel  
    KILBAN, John   ? - 1862
    KIMBALL, Daniel W.  
    KLEIN, (female)   1863 - 1863
    LAIDLAW, William  
    LAMB, James  
    LAWRENCE, Jackson  
    LINDSAY, Annie Isabella  
    MACKINTOSH, Donald  
    MacQUARRIE, Daniel   1893 - 1911
    MacQUARRIE, Jessie M.   1853 - 1911
    MANSELL, Catherine Anne  
    MAYES, W.C.  
    McCOY, Eveline A.  
    McKENZIE, Margaret  
    McKENZIE, William  
    McLINDEN, Fred T.  
    McLINDEN, Maggie  
    McPHERSON, Peter  
    PAFFARD, Alena  
    PAFFARD, Irene  
    PAFFARD, Tammy  
    PECK, Marin  
    PETERSON, Paul  
    POWERS, Eveline A. (McCoy)  
    POWERS, Lucius C.F.  
    PUFFER, Percival Harold  
    ROBERTSON, James  
    ROUSE, George  
    SMITH, John   ? - 1860
    STOUT, Edward  
    SUMNER, Daisy  
    TEAGUE, Alice  
    TEAGUE, Charlotte  
    TEAGUE, Cundy  
    TEAGUE, William  
    TINGLEY, Alex  
    TUTTLE, Mabel  
    TUTTLE, Viola  
    URQUHART, Rhoda  
    URQUHART, William  
    WARD, Albert  
    WHITLEY, Susan A.  
    WHITLEY, William  
    WILLEY, George W.  
    WOLFE, Cameron Don  

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