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East Braintree Cemetery , Reynolds RM, MB
East Hillside Cemetery , Flin Flon City, MB
East Loewen Family Cemetery , Stanley RM, MB
East Mennonite Cemetery , Rhineland RM, MB
East Mennonite Cemetery , Rhineland RM, MB
East Selkirk Jehovah Witness Cemetery , St Clements RM, MB
Eastdale Catholic Cemetery , Springfield RM, MB
Easterville Roman Catholic Church Cemetery , Chemawawin First Nation, MB
Ebb & Flow First Nation / St Joseph Roman Catholic Cemetery , Ebb & Flow First Nation, MB
Ebor Cemetery , Pipestone RM, MB
Edenthal Children Burial Site , Rhineland RM, MB
Edrans Community Cemetery , North Cypress RM, MB
Edward Burial Site , Edward RM, MB
Edwards Burial Site , Dauphin RM, MB
Eigenfeld Cemetery , Hanover RM, MB
Eigenhoff Mennonite Cemetery (2 sites) , Rhineland RM, MB
Einarson Burial Site , St Clements RM, MB
Eldon Cemetery , Gilbert Plains Village, MB
Elgin Cemetery , Whitewater RM, MB
Elias Family Cemetery , Stanley RM, MB
Elkhorn Cemetery , Wallace RM, MB
Elkhorn Pioneer Cemetery , Wallace RM, MB
Elkhorn Residential School Cemetery , Wallace RM, MB
Ellis Burial Site , Rockwood RM, MB
Elm Creek Cemetery , Grey RM, MB
Elm River Hutterite Brethren Colony Cemetery , Portage la Prairie RM, MB
Elma Burial Site , Whitemouth RM, MB
Elmwood Cemetery , Winnipeg City, MB
Elsie (Johnson) Allen Burial Site , Grahamdale RM, MB
Emerson Burial Site , Emerson Town, MB
Emerson Burial Site , Emerson Town, MB
Emerson Burial Site , Emerson Town, MB
Emerson Cemetery , Emerson Town, MB
Emerson Old Anglican Cemetery , Emerson Town, MB
Emmanuel Cemetery , Opaskwayak Cree Nation, MB
Erickson Municipal Cemetery , Erickson Town, MB
Eriksdale Cemetery , Eriksdale RM, MB
Erinview / All Saints Anglican Cemetery , Woodlands RM, MB
Ethelbert Burial Site , Ethelbert RM, MB
Ethelbert United Cemetery , Ethelbert Village, MB
Evangelical Faith Christians Cemetery , Bifrost RM, MB
Evans Burial Site , Eriksdale RM, MB
Evergreen Hutterite Cemetery , Lorne RM, MB
Evergreen Memorial Gardens , Portage la Prairie City, MB
Eyers / Wilson Burial Site , Miniota RM, MB

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