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Brandon Mental Health Centre Cemetery North, Brandon City, MB

Brandon Mental Health Centre Cemetery North
Street Address: Hospital Grounds
Community: Brandon
Locality: Brandon City
Municipality: Westman Region
Province: MB
GPS: 49.872082,-99.923021

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  • George E. Fedyck
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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Patricia Green [2017]
    Indexed by Sherri Pettit

    This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

    (Not in English)  
    ABRAHAMSON, Edna   memorial
    ABRAHAMSON, Mary   memorial
    ABREY, Florence   memorial
    ACHECONSE, Robert   memorial
    ACHESON, Stewart  
    ACKNEY, Emma   memorial
    ADAIR, Daisy   memorial
    ADAIR, Joseph   memorial
    ADAMOUSKI, Helen   memorial
    ADAMS, William   memorial
    ADAMSON, Ethel   memorial
    AINSLEY, Robert   memorial
    ALEXANDER, John   memorial
    ALLEN, Esther   memorial
    ALLEN, John   memorial
    ALLEN, Parmenas   memorial
    AMEL, Mary   memorial
    ANDERSON, Alfred   memorial
    ANDERSON, Annie   memorial
    ANDERSON, Charles   memorial
    ANDERSON, Conrad   memorial
    ANDERSON, Jean   memorial
    ANDERSON, Mary   memorial
    ANDRE, August   memorial
    ANDRESON, Andrew   memorial
    ANDRYSHUK, Alex   memorial
    ANTONESI, If   memorial
    ARMASON, Kirstmunder   memorial
    ARMSTRONG, George   memorial
    ARMSTRONG, Isaac   memorial
    ARNOLD, James   memorial
    ARTERS, Charles   memorial
    ARTHURS, Janet   memorial
    ASPLIN, Rebecca   memorial
    ATKINSON, Aileen   memorial
    BADIUK, Alexander   memorial
    BAGUCKI, Wasyl   memorial
    BAILEY, Charles W.  
    BAILEY, Ernest   memorial
    BAIN, Graham   memorial
    BAIRD, Robert   memorial
    BAKER, Stephen   memorial
    BALANIUK, Michael   memorial
    BALDINSON, Stephanie   memorial
    BALL, Charles   memorial
    BALL, John   memorial
    BALL, Margaret   memorial
    BANACH, Joseph   memorial
    BANEY, Kate   memorial
    BANNERMAN, Cornelius   memorial
    BARANGH, Edwin   memorial
    BARASKEWITCH, Katie   memorial
    BARLETT, Jessie   memorial
    BARNABY, Thomas   memorial
    BARNOWICZ, Mary   memorial
    BARRETT, Cornelius   memorial
    BASS, Robert   memorial
    BATES, William   memorial
    BAYLISS, Emma   memorial
    BAYLISS, Percy   memorial
    BAZELO, Paul   memorial
    BAZINET, Georgina   memorial
    BAZIUK, George   memorial
    BEALIEU, Paul   memorial
    BEALS, Enoch   memorial
    BEARDY, William   memorial
    BEAU, Arthur   memorial
    BEAUCAGE, Ernest   memorial
    BEAUDOIN, Damas   memorial
    BECHARD, Alfred   memorial
    BECK, Annie   memorial
    BECKMAN, John   memorial
    BEDDOME, Helen J.  
    BEIRNES, Samuel   memorial
    BELANGER, Peter   memorial
    BELBECK, Albert   memorial
    BELBUS, Nellie   memorial
    BELL, Clarence   memorial
    BELLINSKI, Andrew   memorial
    BENFORD, James   memorial
    BENOIT, Henrietta   memorial
    BENONEI, Elise   memorial
    BERARD, Alexander   memorial
    BERARD, Henry   memorial
    BERCMAN, Dora   memorial
    BERGMAN, John   memorial
    BERRAULT, Louis R.  
    BERRY, George   memorial
    BESCOBY, Hendrick   memorial
    BIGG, Sidney   memorial
    BIRKETT, Elizabeth   memorial
    BIRTCH, Thomas   memorial
    BJORKE, Gustave   memorial
    BLACK, William   memorial
    BLACKMAN, Edward   memorial
    BLANDFORD, William   memorial
    BLASESKY, John   memorial
    BLASHKO, Julia   memorial
    BLAVIER, Louis   memorial
    BLONDIN, Mary  
    BLONNIN, Margaret   memorial
    BLONSKI, Tony   memorial
    BLOOMFIELD, Henry   memorial
    BLUECOAT, Eva   memorial
    BLUECOAT, Gilbert   memorial
    BODE, Nicholas   memorial
    BODIN, Germaine   memorial
    BODNARCHUK, Lena   memorial
    BOEHM, Mary   memorial
    BOHEMIER, Joseph  
    BOLIN, Augusta   memorial
    BOMCHENKO, John   memorial
    BORSCH, Harry   memorial
    BOUEY, John   memorial
    BOUTHILLIER, Arthur   memorial
    BOWE, John   memorial
    BOWERING, Helen  
    BOWERS, George   memorial
    BOWKER, Martha   memorial
    BOWMAN, John   memorial
    BOX, George   memorial
    BOYANSKI, Fred   memorial
    BOYCE, Ada   memorial
    BOYKO, Mary   memorial
    BRABANT, Jules   memorial
    BRADFORD, Jessie   memorial
    BRADLEY, Arthur   memorial
    BRADY, Philip   memorial
    BRAMELE, Alice   memorial
    BRANDT, Frank   memorial
    BRANNAN, Nellie   memorial
    BRAUN, Sarah   memorial
    BRENNAND, William   memorial
    BROOKS, Ellen   memorial
    BROOKS, Frederick   memorial
    BROOME, Annie   memorial
    BROOMFIELD, Jennie   memorial
    BROWN, David   memorial
    BROWN, George   memorial
    BROWN, John   memorial
    BROWNIECKI, Victor   memorial
    BROWNLEE, Mary Ann   memorial
    BRUNEAU, Hermedes   memorial
    BRYANT, Albert   memorial
    BUCK, Thomas   memorial
    BUCKSJOWONY, Petro   memorial
    BUDZ, Samuel   memorial
    BUDZ, Sophia   memorial
    BUICK, Frank   memorial
    BUIE, James   memorial
    BURAK, Katie   memorial
    BURKE, Rosie   memorial
    BURNETT, Sarah   memorial
    BURNS, William   memorial
    BURPHY, Bert   memorial
    BURROWS, Marjorie   memorial
    BUSHMAN, Hannah   memorial
    BUTRA, John   memorial
    BUYSE, Henry   memorial
    BYRNE, Elizabeth   memorial
    CABLE, Harold   memorial
    CAMERON, Hannah   memorial
    CAMPIGOTTO, Anna   1911 - 1961
    CAMWELL, Robert   memorial
    CAPIAK, Mary   1907 - 1964
    CAPUTO, Joseph   memorial
    CAREY, William   memorial
    CARLSON, John   memorial
    CARR, Owen  
    CARVER, Alexandra   memorial
    CASAVANT, Celania   memorial
    CASE, Rubina   memorial
    CASES, Frances   memorial
    CATCHEWAY, Joseph   memorial
    CATES, Gordon   memorial
    CEWE, Caroline   memorial
    CHAMBERS, Charles   memorial
    CHAMPAGNE, Alexander   memorial
    CHANYTKA, Dmytro   memorial
    CHARLEBOIS, Yvon   memorial
    CHARLES, Alford   memorial
    CHARTIER, Albina   memorial
    CHARTIER, Emil   memorial
    CHATAIN, Roselda   memorial
    CHAYKOWSKY, Leon   memorial
    CHEAVINS, Richard  
    CHERNECKI, Mike   memorial
    CHERNENKO, Denitrius   memorial
    CHESHIRS, Harry   memorial
    CHESON, Stewart   memorial
    CHICK, Harry  
    CHIPLINSKI, Mike   memorial
    CHOMA, Max   memorial
    CHOMA, Steve   memorial
    CHORNOPESKI, Nettie   memorial
    CHRISTENSEN, Karen   memorial
    CHRISTENSEN, Matilda   memorial
    CHRISTIE, Florence   memorial
    CHUBB, Robert   memorial

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