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Grandview Memorial Gardens, Grandview RM, MB

Grandview Memorial Gardens
Community: north of Grandview
Township: SE 36-25-24 W
Locality: Grandview RM
Municipality: Parkland Region
Province: MB
GPS: 51.199946,-100.694688

Church / Denomination: Non-Denominational

The cemetery is in two parts, the older part is Grandview District, the newer part is Grandview Memorial. First burial 1970.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Photos courtesy of Tim Swayn [2012]
    Indexed by Tim Swayn

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    ?, Myrtle G.  
    BEACH, C, Mrs.  
    BISHOP, Isabelle  
    BROTERS, Allen  
    BROTHERS, Allen E.   1903 - 1944
    BUTTERFIELD, Eleanor  
    BUTTERFIELD, William  
    CAIRNS, John  
    CAIRNS, May  
    CORNELL, Mary S.  
    CORNELL, William  
    DAVIS, Vida Vivian  
    DAVIS, William  
    DAWES, Fred  
    DAWES, H. Percival  
    DAWES, Martha  
    DAWSON, Albert E.  
    DAWSON, William  
    DEMPSTER, Earl  
    DEMPSTER, Ernie  
    DEMPSTER, J.J.  
    DEMPSTER, Lily  
    DUNLOP, (infant)  
    FAULCONER, Clara June  
    FAULCONER, William H.  
    FORESTER, John Charles  
    FRASER, Gerald N.  
    GREEN, Ross  
    HAIGH, James B.  
    HAIGH, Mary Alice  
    HALLAREN, Eva  
    HALLAREN, Flora  
    HALLAREN, Irene  
    HALLAREN, Isaac  
    HARKNESS, Florence  
    HARKNESS, Fred  
    HARKNESS, James L.  
    JAMES, Roy Talmage  
    LONGMUIR, Isabelle  
    LONGMUIR, William  
    McKENZIE, Alex  
    McKENZIE, Elizabeth  
    McSHERRY, Marie  
    MEYER, Ben  
    MEYER, Minnie  
    MORRAN, Alex  
    MORRAN, John R.  
    MORRAN, Russel  
    MORRAN, Thomas A.  
    NEIL, Mabel  
    NELSON, John  
    NORRIS, Mary  
    PALMER, George  
    PALMER, George Jr  
    PARROT, Alexander C.  
    PARROT, Mathew  
    PARROTT, G. Mathew  
    PARROTT, John Max "Bud"  
    PARROTT, Marjorie  
    PATTERSON, Alexander  
    PATTERSON, Annie  
    PITMAN, Albert Edward  
    PITMAN, Francis  
    POMEROY, Harriet  
    POMEROY, Harriet  
    POMEROY, William  
    ROBB, Elsie  
    ROBB, James  
    ROBB, Walter  
    ROBB, William G.  
    ROBERTSON, Ellen  
    ROUTLEY, (baby boy)  
    ROUTLEY, Mary  
    RUDDOCK, Clara  
    RUDDOCK, Sophia M.  
    SOROKA, Donna  
    SOROKA, Doris  
    STIRLING, (baby)  
    STIRLING, (baby)   1955 - 1955
    STIRLING, Margery  
    STIRLING, Margery E.   1910 - 1982
    STURGESS, Alfred T.  
    STURGESS, Alice  
    STURGESS, Mary Jane  
    SWAIN, (baby girl)  
    SWAIN, (infant daughter)   1902 - 1902
    SWAIN, Annie  
    SWAIN, Annie A.   1879 - 1958
    SWAIN, Herbert  
    SWAIN, Herbert   1877 - 1965
    SWAIN, John Nelson   1908 - 1987
    SWAIN, Lily Evelyn  
    SWAIN, Lily Evelyn   1869 - 1946
    SWAIN, William J.  
    SWAIN, William John   1867 - 1952
    WHITE, William J.  
    WIDDESS, F.G.  
    WIDDESS, Martha  
    WILLIAMSON, Albert E.  
    WILLIAMSON, George  
    WILSON, Blanche  
    WILSON, Geraldine  

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