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Fair Haven Memorial Gardens , Westmorland County, NB
Fairley-Porter Family Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
Fanjoy's Point / Wiggins Family Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Farris Cemetery , Queens County, NB
Fenwick Burial Ground / Fenwick & Folkins Cemetery , Kings County, NB
Ferguson Presbyterian Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
Fernhill Cemetery & Crematorium , Saint John County, NB
Fernwood / Port Elgin Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Fielding Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
First Burnt Church Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
First Cambridge United Baptist Cemetery , Queens County, NB
First Chipman United Baptist Cemetery , Queens County, NB
First Community Cemetery , Charlotte County, NB
First Doaktown Pentecostal Church Cemetery , Northumberland County, NB
First Hillsborough United Baptist Church Cemetery , Albert County, NB
First Rothesay Baptist Cemetery , Kings County, NB
First Salisbury Baptist Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Fisher Hill Baptist Cemetery , Kent County, NB
Five Points Cemetery , Albert County, NB
Flatlands Cemetery , Restigouche County, NB
Florenceville Catholic Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Florenceville Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Florenceville Congregational Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Forest City International Cemetery , York County, NB
Forest Glen Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Forest Glen Cemetery , Victoria County, NB
Forest Hill Cemetery , York County, NB
Foresthill Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
Fort Beausejour Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Fosterville Cemeteries , York County, NB
Founders' Cemetery , Gloucester County, NB
Four Corners Burying Ground , Westmorland County, NB
Fredericton Rural Cemetery Extension , York County, NB
Free Meeting House Cemetery , Westmorland County, NB
Freewill Baptist Cemetery , Carleton County, NB
French Lake Cemetery , Sunbury County, NB
French Village Cemetery , Kings County, NB
Full Gospel / Pentecostal Cemetery , Queens County, NB

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