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Dalhousie / Deacon Dalhousie Mountain Cemetery , Pictou County, NS
Dall Cemetery , Shelburne County, NS
Danesville New Cemetery , Queens County, NS
Danesville Old Cemetery , Queens County, NS
Darlings Lake Cemetery , Yarmouth County, NS
Dartmouth Memorial Gardens , Halifax County, NS
Dauphinee Cemetery , Halifax County, NS
Davidson's Cemetery , Inverness County, NS
Davou Cemetery , Annapolis County, NS
Dean Pioneer Cemetery , Halifax County, NS
Debert Cemetery , Colchester County, NS
Denison-Smith Family Cemetery , Hants County, NS
Densmore Cemetery , Hants County, NS
Dewar Cemetery , Pictou County, NS
Diamond Cemetery , Pictou County, NS
Digby Baptist Cemetery , Digby County, NS
Digby Gut Cemetery , Digby County, NS
Digby Neck Road Cemetery , Digby County, NS
Diligent River Anglican Cemetery , Cumberland County, NS
Diligent River Baptist Cemetery , Cumberland County, NS
Diligent River Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery , Cumberland County, NS
Doctors Cove Cemetery , Shelburne County, NS
Dort's Cove Cemetery , Guysborough County, NS
Dotten Cemetery , Cumberland County, NS
Dougherty Cemetery , Cumberland County, NS
Dr John Pringle Memorial Cemetery , Cape Breton County, NS
Drummond Memorial United Church Cemetery , Victoria County, NS
Duff Cemetery , Pictou County, NS
Durham Cemetery , Pictou County, NS
Durning Cemetery , Colchester County, NS

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