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Ignace New Cemetery , Kenora District, ON
Ignace Old Cemetery , Kenora District, ON
Ignatius College Cemetery , Wellington County, ON
Iler Settlement Baptist New Cemetery , Essex County, ON
Iler Settlement Baptist Old Cemetery , Essex County, ON
Ilfracombe Cemetery , Muskoka District, ON
Immaculate Conception Cemetery , Cochrane District, ON
Immaculate Conception RC / Pain Court RC Cemetery , Kent County, ON
Immaculate Conception RC Cemetery , Sudbury District, ON
Immaculate Conception RC Cemetery , Welland County, ON
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery , Bruce County, ON
Immanuel Methodist Pioneer Cemetery , Huron County, ON
Indian Abandoned Cemetery , Hastings County, ON
Indian and Jamieson / Onondaga Township Indian Cemetery , Brant County, ON
Indian Burial Site , Wentworth County, ON
Indian Cemetery on MacDiarmid Ranger Base , Thunder Bay District, ON
Indian Communal Gravesite , Lincoln County, ON
Indian Hill Cemetery , Lanark County, ON
Indian Ossuary / Orchid Burying Ground , Welland County, ON
Ingersoll Rural Cemetery , Oxford County, ON
Ingoldsby Pioneer Cemetery , Haliburton County, ON
Ingram Cemetery , Timiskaming District, ON
Inistioge United Church Cemetery , Grey County, ON
Inkerman Cemetery , Dundas County, ON
Inman Road Cemetery , Haldimand County, ON
Innerkip Cemetery , Oxford County, ON
Innisvale Cemetery & Crematorium , Simcoe County, ON
Intola Cemetery , Thunder Bay District, ON
Inverhuron Park Cemetery , Bruce County, ON
Invermay Methodist / Aarold Methodist / Old Methodist Cemetery , Bruce County, ON
Iona Cemetery , Elgin County, ON
Iroquois Anglican Cemetery , Dundas County, ON
Iroquois United Church Cemetery , Dundas County, ON
Irwin Cemetery , Grey County, ON
Irwin Cemetery , Essex County, ON
Irwin Cemetery , Lambton County, ON
Islamic Cemetery Niagara , Welland County, ON
Islamic Cemetery of London , Middlesex County, ON
Islington Burying Grounds / Islington Pioneer Cemetery , York County, ON
Ivan / Melville United Cemetery , Middlesex County, ON
Ivanhoe Church (Venn Collins) Cemetery , Hastings County, ON
Ivey Family Plot , Northumberland County, ON
Ivy Presbyterian Cemetery , Simcoe County, ON

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