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Quadeville Pentecostal Cemetery , Renfrew County, ON
Quaker (Society of Friends) Cemetery , Wellington County, ON
Quaker / Post Cemetery , Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Quaker Cemetery , Lennox & Addington County, ON
Quaker Cemetery , Prince Edward County, ON
Quaker Church Cemetery , Grey County, ON
Quaker Friends Old Cemetery , Prince Edward County, ON
Quaker Hill / Chalmers Presbyterian / St Andrew's Scotch Kirk Cemetery , Ontario County (now Durham Region), ON
Quaker Old Cemetery , Hastings County, ON
Quaker Street Friends / Old Brick Cemetery , Oxford County, ON
Quantztown / Christian Church Cemetery , York County, ON
Quarry Road / Dean's Cemetery , Lincoln County, ON
Queen Hill Cemetery , Bruce County, ON
Queen of Clergy / St Augustine's Seminary Burial Ground , York County, ON
Queen of Heaven Cemetery , York County, ON
Queen of Peace RC Cemetery , Elgin County, ON
Queen Street Methodist Cemetery , Carleton County, ON
Queen Street RC Cemetery , Algoma District, ON
Queen's Lawn Cemetery , Lincoln County, ON
Queensville Cemetery , York County, ON
Quibell Community Cemetery , Kenora District, ON
Quick Family Cemetery , Essex County, ON
Quider Family / Lymburner / Scantling Cemetery , Haldimand County, ON

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