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Dairy Valley Cemetery , Missisquoi County, QC
Dalesville Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Dalling Cemetery , Shefford County, QC
Danford Lake Methodist United Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Danville Protestant Cemetery , Richmond County, QC
Davidson Hill Cemetery , Shefford County, QC
Davis / Methodist Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Delson Protestant Cemetery , Laprairie County, QC
Des Méloizes Cemetery , Abitibi County, QC
Despinassy Cemetery , Abitibi County, QC
Dolbeau Cemetery / Cimetière Wallberg , Lac St-Jean County, QC
Dorion RC Cemetery , Vaudreuil County, QC
Dorval Cemetery , Montreal, QC
Douglass Cemetery , Napierville County, QC
Douglastown Cemetery , Gaspe County, QC
Drummond Point Cemetery , Stanstead County, QC
Drummondville Protestant Cemetery , Drummond County, QC
Duboyce Cemetery , Brome County, QC
Dudswell Center Cemetery , Wolfe County, QC
Duhamel Cemetery , Papineau County, QC
Dunany Cemetery , Argenteuil County, QC
Dunn Cemetery , Huntingdon County, QC
Dunning Cemetery , Gatineau County, QC
Dunraven Union Church Cemetery , Pontiac County, QC
Duparquet Cemetery / Cimetière de Duparquet , Abitibi County, QC

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