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Allan West / St Aloysius Roman Catholic Old West Cemetery, Blucher RM # 343, SK

Allan West / St Aloysius Roman Catholic Old West Cemetery
Community: just outside Allan
Township: SE 10-34-01 W3
Locality: Blucher RM # 343
Municipality: West Central
Province: SK
GPS: 51.884035,-106.075489

Church / Denomination: St Aloysius RC Church

Established 1912.

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Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

Photos courtesy of Vickie Boechler [2010]
Indexed by Sherri Pettit

This index represents ALL visible headstones still in existence at the time this cemetery was visited

(unknown)   ?
(unknown)   ?
(unreadable)   ?
BIALOWAS, Bruno   memorial
BITZ, Julianna   memorial
BITZ, Reinhold   memorial
BOECHLER, Annamarie   1866 - 1932
BOECHLER, Edwin   memorial
BOECHLER, Eleanore   memorial
BOECHLER, Emma   memorial
BOECHLER, Hugo   memorial
BOECHLER, Johannes   1862 - 1917
BOECHLER, Johannes   1917
BOECHLER, Michael   memorial
BOECHLER, Michael   1924
BOEHM, Victoria   memorial
BRANDEL, Hilda   1841 - 1933
BRANDEL, Kathaleen (Fix)   1876 - 1914
DEIBERT, Barbara (Voller)   1916 (age: 54)
DEIBERT, Michael J.   spouse
DUFF, Gilbert E.   spouse
DUFF, Rebecca Pearl (Mcdonald)   1915 (age: 26)
ELDER, Joseph   memorial
ELJOKE, John   memorial
FISCHER, Elisabetha (Viegert)   1887 - 1919
FISCHER, Elizabethja   memorial
FISCHER, Johannes   spouse
FIX, Kathaleen   1876 - 1914
FIX, Katheleen   memorial
FRITZ, Adam   memorial
FRITZ, Albert   memorial
FRITZ, Albert   parent
FRITZ, Alexander   memorial
FRITZ, Alexsana Adam   ?
FRITZ, Anton   memorial
FRITZ, Anton   parent
FRITZ, Leo   memorial
GOETZ, Barbara   memorial
GOETZ, Barbara (Loran)   1864 - 1906
GOLDADE, Anton   1918 (age: 27)
HEGEL, Andrew   1905 - 1907
HEGEL, Joseph   memorial
HEGEL, Joseph   1865 - 1929
HEISLER, Alphonse   memorial
HEISLER, Eugene   memorial
HEISLER, Joseph   memorial
HEISLER, Joseph   1917 (age: 80)
HEISLER, Regina   memorial
HUNT, Daniel   memorial
KANIGUNDA, Boschindal   memorial
KENNEY, Ernest   memorial
KOSCIELNY, Lucy   memorial
KRAFT, Helena   memorial
KRAFT, Helena (Senger)   1861 - 1915
KRAFT, Irene   memorial
KRAFT, Irene   1926 - 1927
KRAFT, Joseph   memorial
KRAFT, Joseph   1860 - 1916
KRYTSAK, Anna   memorial
LAUBMAN, Otto   memorial
LEIER, Joseph   spouse
LEIER, Magdalena   1886 - 1930
LOEHNDORF, John   memorial
LORAN, Barbara   1864 - 1906
LORAN, Maria   memorial
LORAN, Marie E.   parent
LORAN, Sebastian   memorial
LORAN, Sebastian J.   1844 - 1909
McDONALD, Rebecca Pearl   1915 (age: 26)
MERKEL, Emilie   memorial
RIEGER, Anton   memorial
ROLLSING, Andrew   memorial
SCHMIDT, George   1847 - 1933
SCHNURR, Henry   memorial
SCHNURR, Odillia   memorial
SCHWAB, Wendlin   memorial
SCHWAN, Andrew   memorial
SELZLER, Amy   memorial
SELZLER, Amy   memorial
SELZLER, Andrew   memorial
SENGER, (3 children)   ?
SENGER, Andrew   parent
SENGER, Andrew W.   1924 - 1931
SENGER, Eugene   memorial
SENGER, Helena   1861 - 1915
SENGER, Joseph   1854 - 1919
SENGER, Julia   memorial
SENGER, Theodore   memorial
UEBELL, Elizabeth   ?
VIEGERT, Elisabetha   1887 - 1919
VOLLER, Barbara   1916 (age: 54)

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