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Donavon Cemetery, Montrose RM # 315, SK

Donavon Cemetery
Community: Donovan
Township: NW 06-33-08 W3
Locality: Montrose RM # 315
Municipality: West Central
Province: SK
GPS: 51.808417,-107.137169

Church / Denomination: Non-Denominational

Established 1921.

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    Some persons named in this index may not be interred in this cemetery, they are designated as spouse or parent on appropriate stones and may not have their own birth and death recorded here (See our FAQ).

    Women, if maiden names are known, will appear under both their maiden and married names.

    Indexed by Randi Bender [1999]

    This index does NOT include every headstone in this cemetery

    (unreadable), Dougals  
    ADAMS, Anne Elizabeth  
    ADAMS, Charles Ralston  
    ADAMS, John  
    ADAMS, Margaret  
    AITKEN, James  
    AITKEN, Margaret  
    ALLAN, Harold  
    ALLAN, Marie Antoinette  
    ANDERSON, Agnes  
    ANDERSON, Albert  
    ANDERSON, Anton  
    ANDERSON, Arnold Arthur  
    ANDERSON, Charlotte  
    ANDERSON, Effie  
    ANDERSON, Gustav  
    ANDERSON, Julius  
    ANDERSON, Karl  
    ANDERSON, Matilda  
    ANDERSON, Nels Theodore  
    ANDERSON, Norman Anton  
    ANDERSON, Olga  
    ANDERSON, Roberta Entrician  
    ANDERSON, Sadie  
    ANDERSON, Tilda Mary  
    BENSON, Lillian May  
    BENSON, Selmer  
    BRITTEN, Effie  
    BRITTEN, James  
    BROWN, Kathleen  
    CAIRNS, Betty  
    CAIRNS, James A.  
    CAIRNS, Lucy  
    CARROLL, Estelle Irene  
    CARROLL, Sybil Maxine  
    CHRISTIE, Charles  
    CHRISTIE, Dora  
    CLARK, Muriel "Pat"  
    CLIMENHAGA, Daniel Bert  
    CLIMENHAGA, Elizabeth B  
    CLIMENHAGA, Rueben Sinclair  
    CRILEY, Edna  
    CRILEY, William  
    CURRY, Adeline  
    CURRY, Arthur E.  
    DEMMANS, Joseph  
    DEMMANS, Mary Elizabeth  
    ECKER, Anna Mary Margaret  
    ECKLUND, Andrew  
    ECKLUND, Annie  
    EDMINSON, Harold Ross  
    FARMER, John Robert  
    FAULHABER, Hanna  
    FAULHABER, John  
    FAULHABER, Katharina  
    FRENCH, Emma  
    FRENCH, Eva  
    FRENCH, Harold  
    FRENCH, Hellen  
    FRENCH, Mary Janet  
    FRENCH, Myrna  
    FRENCH, Roy  
    FRENCH, Walter  
    GEORGE, G. William  
    GREENFIELD, Beatrice  
    GREENFIELD, Samuel  
    GRILLY, Albert  
    HARBURN, Florence Ethel  
    HARBURN, Francis  
    HARBURN, James  
    HEIER, Edmund  
    HENRY, Luella Pearl  
    HENRY, Mary Emma  
    HERON, Gordon M.  
    HILL, Edith  
    HILL, Ernest  
    HORN, Frank F.  
    HORN, Ray  
    HYNES, Anna Mary Margaret (Ecker)  
    JOYES, Betty (Cairns)  
    KELM, Richard Emil  
    KIRKTON, (Father)  
    KIRKTON, (Mother)  
    LAMOUR, Jessie  
    LAMOUR, Robert H.  
    LEACH, (babies)  
    LEACH, Bruce  
    LEACH, Don  
    LEACH, Elsie  
    LEACH, John P.  
    LEACH, Luceal A.  
    LEACH, Orville  
    MARCHANT, George  
    MARCHANT, Mary  
    MOOD, Donald E.  
    NEAL, Harrye  
    NEAL, Olive A.  
    NELSON, Fredrick Moroni  
    NELSON, Lloyd G. "Pete"  
    NORRIE, Alexander  
    NORRIE, David Scott  
    NORRIE, James  
    NORRIE, Jean  
    NORRIE, Margaret  
    NORRIE, Marie J.  
    NORRIE, Perry Allan  
    NORRIS, Kathleen E.  
    NORRIS, Thomas H.  
    OLMSTED, Charles Stanley  
    OLMSTED, Frank Sydney  
    PATTISON, Alice M.  
    PATTISON, David  
    PATTISON, Fred  
    PATTISON, George Wm.  
    PATTISON, Grace A.  
    PATTISON, Harry  
    PATTISON, Harry Robson "Rob"  
    PATTISON, James Henry  
    PATTISON, Minnie  
    PATTISON, Robert Roy  
    PATTISON, Scott  
    PATTISON, W.P.  
    PICKARD, Annie  
    RICHMOND, Byron  
    RICHMOND, Esther M (Shore)  
    RICHMOND, Hattie  
    RICHMOND, Joseph Gilbert  
    RIDDELL, Florence  
    ROGERS, Winnifred  
    ROUSE, Arthur  
    RUTHERFORD, James  
    RUTHERFORD, Mary  
    RYAN, Chester D.  
    RYAN, Howard  
    RYAN, Theresa  
    SANDERGAARD, Sigurd  
    SCRUTTON, Rachel  
    SHANNON, Dixon  
    SHANNON, Dorothy  
    SHAW, Jessie  
    SHAW, William James  
    SHORE, Esther M  
    SMITH, J.D.  
    SMITH, Luella Pearl (Henry)  
    SOUDER, Ellen  
    SOUDER, Menno B.  
    THOMPSON, Adeline M.  
    THOMPSON, Hubert A.  
    THOMPSON, James  
    THOMPSON, Jessie  
    THOMPSON, John Herbison  
    THOMPSON, Mary  
    THOMPSON, Muriel A.  
    THOMPSON, Ronald J.  
    THOMPSON, William Harold  
    VANDENBERG, Liewwe "Lou"  
    WALPER, Albert E.  
    WALPER, Annie (Pickard)  
    WALPER, Charlotte (Anderson)  
    WALPER, Donald  
    WALPER, Eva  
    WALPER, Evelyn E.  
    WALPER, Frank  
    WALPER, Jean  
    WALPER, Jim  
    WALPER, Norman  
    WALPER, Robert  
    WALPER, Simon  
    WILKE, Catherine J.  
    WILKE, James  
    WILKE, Orville  
    WOOD, Albert Charles  
    WOOD, Inga Marie  
    WYLIE, Cliff  
    WYLIE, Edith  
    WYLIE, Florence (Riddell)  
    ZOERB, Ellen E.  
    ZOERB, Henry J.  
    ZOERB, Warren  

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