Ontario GenWeb provides templates and instructions for census transcriptions done on blank paper templates or using the provided computer templates.

Paper Templates

These templates are in PDF format, you must download Acrobat Reader to use these templates!
1842 1848 1851 1861 1871-1881 1891 1901 1911
Help with using Blank Paper Templates

Computer Templates

Ontario GenWeb provides computer templates in the following formats:

  • Database (created using DBASE III)
    You will need to import this into your database program!
    (i.e. Access,FoxPro,Quattro and others.)

  • Spreadsheet (created using Excel 97)
    You will need to import this into your spreadsheet program!
    (i.e. Excel, Lotus 123 and others.)

  • Text
    You should be able to open this file with any word-processing program.
    (i.e. NotePad, WordPad, MS Word, WordPerfect and others.)
Right Click and Save As to download the file to your hardrive.
1842 1842.dbf 1842.xls 1842.txt
1848 1848.dbf 1848.xls 1848.txt
1851 1851.dbf 1851.xls 1851.txt
1861 1861.dbf 1861.xls 1861.txt
1871-81 1871-81.dbf 1871-81.xls 1871-81.txt
1891 1891.dbf 1891.xls 1891.txt
1901 1901.dbf 1901.xls 1901.txt
1911 1911.dbf 1911.xls 1911.txt
None of the above
For help with computer templates, please refer to the Transcriber’s Handbook or Proofreader’s Handbook.