Since OntarioGenWeb's Census Project debuted online in March 1999 we have been blessed by the help and support of hundreds of volunteers. This is the page where we honour and thank each and every volunteer who has made a lasting contribution to the project. THANK YOU to each of you for your help and continued support - it's only because of you that we've managed to get this far!

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Dave Browne
Dave has transcribed 97 census transcripts

Dave became involved in genealogy in 1987 when a ‘treasure trove’ of family information gathered by his father-in-law and his deceased brother was located in a closet. Rather than ‘pitching’ it in the recycle bin, Dave undertook the task of organizing the fifty-year-old information and was hooked! As a result, he proved two U.E.L.’s and a D.A.R. for his wife and then started on his own family who settled in Middlesex County during the 1830’s and 1860’s.

Dave has published two family histories (Browne/Agnew and Gilbert) and has produced indexes of census, birth, marriage, death lists and other reference material for sale by OGS branches. He is the editor of the OGS Directory of Surnames, 1995 & 1998 Editions, and OGS Strays!, Volumes 1 to 14. He has also organized numerous census and cemetery records including an index for a private collection for Leeds & Grenville Branch, OGS as well as numerous records in Middlesex and Elgin Counties After 32 years of service with a major Canadian mining company, he retired as vice-president, exploration. Following his wife’s retirement from teaching, they moved to their dream home on a lake south of Parry Sound, Ontario and now live in Nobel ON. Dave and Liz have two grown daughters in the Toronto area.

Marvin Stark
Marvin has transcribed 77, proofread 8 census transcripts

I am just a normal Canadian who spent some time in the Canadian Forces and am currently working on my next career leading up to retirement. A few years back, I got interested in the background of my family and started doing some research. Got some excellent help from people on the web and noticed that most of them were volunteers. So I started looking around for a way to give something back. This is how I volunteered for the Project. I tend to disappear for periods of time during the summer. You can find me at a campground enjoying the quiet in the woods, as long as you don't count the occasional thunder storm, tornado and hurricane, all of which happened at the camp site where I was. Thank goodness, they did not all happen on the same trip. A rule at work is that if Marvin is going camping, plan to do indoor work.

James Cobban
James has transcribed 67, inputted 1, proofread 12 census transcripts

Olga Groves
Olga has transcribed 52, proofread 1 census transcripts

Mother of four, Grandmother of five. I Spend two days a week at the Library, two mornings Line Dancing. 1day as volunteer at the local Elementary helping the Grade 1 children with their reading, They are an absolute Hoot, I Love em. I have always loved Libraries and have worked as a volunteer in Elementary Schools. Love filing & keeping things in order. Have done my own Genealogy charts,both sides. one back to 1600 & the 0ther back to the 1800.Nothing left to do but help someone else with thiers. And it keeps me out of mischief.

Mary Ann Brunk
Mary Ann has transcribed 44, proofread 13 census transcripts

Genealogy started taking over my life in 1996 when I moved to the USA from Canada to start a new job. I didn't know anyone and was quite bored. I had always been interested in family history, so I thought I'd start researching. I soon found that there was very little available online for Northern Ontario. So I volunteered to transcribe a census while I was working with the census anyway. I soon found the challenge of reading the census was fun and exciting. Before I knew it I had transcribe the entire film I had borrowed from the LDS library. During this time I became the volunteer coordinator for the project. I enjoyed this very much. I was able to communicate with many volunteers that were as passionate as myself about getting the census online. I worked on many other census that I was having trouble finding volunteers to proof-read. During this time I met and married a wonderful man and started on a family. I have 1 very beautiful daughter that takes most of time. Now the census project and genealogy have had to take a backseat. I guess the dead ancestors can wait while I take care of the living ones. I hope to pull my work out of the dusty crates someday and help some more with the census project. Someday. Best wishes to all of you and happy hunting.

Jamie Deacon
Jamie has transcribed 43 census transcripts

I was born and raised in Lanark, Ontario. I graduated from Loyalist College in Belleville and spent a brief time working in Whitby. I was then very fortunate to get a job with Hershey Canada in Smiths Falls. I was overjoyed to be able to return to eastern Ontario and be close to my family and friends again. I worked at Hershey for 13 years before taking a buy out to concentrate on our home business, Streve Design, which I have been doing since. I became involved in the Ontario Genweb Project for entirely selfish reasons at first. I was working on my Family Tree and was seeking records online. I came across the Project and was intrigued, but was disappointed that most of the counties/townships where my ancestors settled were not transcribed. So off I went transcribing the then available census that were available online, concentrating mostly on Lanark Co., but also Renfrew Co. Then the 1851 Census became available! What an incredible resource. I dived in to the transcription of these Census and again concentrated on Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton counties. Happily I found many, many ancestors in these transcriptions and was able to advance my tree to a great extant. Through my transcribing I have become very interested in the anthropological information these census provide. Seeing how/where people settled, what the professions they had, where they came from is just fascinating. I like how the census provide a sort of "snapshot in time", especially of urban areas. Seeing the different professions of the past that are no longer with us, like carriage making, river and shanty men, black and tinsmiths, drovers etc is also extremely interesting. I find myself imagining in my mind these folks toiling away in the bush and in their shops as I do the transcriptions. I am also hopeful that making these census available online for free will help others fill in those pesky gaps in their family histories. When people contact me to share genealogical information, I always direct them to the Genweb Census Project for further research.

Brian Haskin
Brian has transcribed 34 census transcripts

Born a Bastard and proud of it! Bastard Township, Leeds County that is (my parents were married, I saw the pictures!) I’m a United Empire Loyalist on my father’s side and a Son of the American Revolution on my mother’s side. I don’t think my interest in history was a fluke, I’m sure with roots like this, it was only to be expected.

Author of “All is Forgiven”, a brief history of the Haskin, Soper, Gray and Halladay families. Presently researching the history of Bastard Township, transcribing the early Bastard censuses and assessments, and searching through old newspapers for articles/items dealing with the township.

Recently made my first trip to the Haskin Family Cemetery in Bastard Township where an effort is underway to clear the brush and build a fence. The picture is of myself standing between the tombstones of my 3rd great grandmother Lydia Lawrence-Haskin and my 4th great grandmother Jerusha Gilbert-Lawrence-Knapp.

Jennifer Wylie
Jennifer has transcribed 30, proofread 20 census transcripts

Richie Allen
Richie has transcribed 27, proofread 23 census transcripts

Kris Inwood
Kris has transcribed 27, proofread 15 census transcripts

Professor Kris Inwood, Jean Dagliesh and the University of Guelph have donated 15 census transcripts created for their 1891 Census of Canada study.

Donald Holmes
Donald has transcribed 26 census transcripts

Ray Shaver
Ray has transcribed 26 census transcripts

I retired from my job as a mail clerk at a bank in 2000. Looking for something to keep me occupied I found "Genweb Census". After a trip to Ontario Archives I decided that transcribing was something I could do. It was also something that people could use. I grew up in Dundas County and am familiar with many of the family names. I did many villages and townships over a few years. I have gone on to other things including helping my wife babysit our grandchildren.

Thanks, Ray Shaver

Donna Evans
Donna has transcribed 24 census transcripts

Judy Wasylenko
Judy has transcribed 22, proofread 1 census transcripts

Sandra Russell
Sandra has transcribed 20, proofread 1 census transcripts

Why I volunteer: For the thrill

Thrill you ask? What is so thrilling about sitting at a microfilm reader or a computer for hours on end, trying to decipher old handwriting? The thrill of finding your ancestors or that one elusive relative that you have been searching for and all the possibilities that come with that find. I want to help others experience that. When I’m not busy doing genealogy I work for a well service company. I have two adorable nephews that mean the world to me.

Sandra Russell
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Rick MacNamara
Rick has transcribed 19, inputted 10, proofread 8 census transcripts

I became involved with the project while doing research on my grandmother's family who lived in Dutton in Elgin County in the late 1800's. I stumbled on the project website and thought putting the census records online and making them freely searchable was a great idea. I have put off doing much family research the last few years, but am starting up again and at some point I'm sure I will benefit from the work of others involved with the project as I continue my research in Ontario.

Professionally, I work as a database developer using Microsoft technologies, and tend to travel around the U.S. as I find new projects to work on. For the last 2 years I have been working outside of Washington D.C. on a project.

Outside of work, my main hobbies are reading, seeing movies, traveling a bit, genealogy, professional sports, and visiting with my family. My parents live in Florida and my brother lives in Connecticut with his wife and young son.

Tanna Allan
Tanna has transcribed 18, proofread 13 census transcripts

Craig Bowen
Craig has transcribed 17, proofread 1 census transcripts

Mary Crandall
Mary has copied 1, transcribed 14, proofread 10 census transcripts

Joanne Noble
Joanne has transcribed 13, inputted 1, proofread 5 census transcripts

Darlene Ackerland
Darlene has transcribed 11 census transcripts

Bonnie Ewing
Bonnie has transcribed 11, proofread 9 census transcripts

My name is Bonnie Ewing. I am married with three adult children, 1 terrific grandson, 1 beautiful new granddaughter and a fantastic step grandson. I started volunteering because it seems to be something I just do. It looked like a very interesting & worthwhile project. When I am not working on the census, I enjoy golfing & try to get out three or four times a week. I am doing my family history & I am also the Newsletter editor for our local Genealogical Society and just found myself volunteering to co-chair our Ladies Section of our Golf Club. I am a retired Lifeguard Swimming Instructor & still love to swim. As you can see, I have lots of projects to work on.

Sharon Lesperance
Sharon has transcribed 11 census transcripts

John Bulloch
John has transcribed 10, inputted 3 census transcripts

Kate Ford
Kate has transcribed 10 census transcripts

David R. Matthew
David R. has transcribed 10 census transcripts

Ann Watson
Ann has transcribed 10, inputted 1, proofread 3 census transcripts

A retired admin assistant, I remember the days before computers allegedly automated the office. Later I became a full time mom, school volunteer, and finally nursing home volunteer as extended family progressed through the life cycle. I didn't become really interested in genealogy until about ten years ago when I started searching for a lost sister and realized I couldn't tell her too much about our mutual family history if she was ever found (she was!). Since half our roots came from Wellington County, transcribing and proofreading some of its early censuses, particularly those of Puslinch Twp., for the Ontario GenWeb project seemed a good way to begin and I hope to continue working within the area. Some might think it a dry job, but my eldest daughter and I have had more than a few good laughs from misreading of enumerators' handwriting or seemingly misinterpreting odd household circumstances. When not working on genealogy I try to keep up with a variety of interests, including the world of figure skating (still looking for that family connection to Cecilia Colledge). And spend much time trying to keep an ageing computer functioning.

Angela Whitehead
Angela has transcribed 10, proofread 9 census transcripts

Eileen Wilson
Eileen has copied 2, transcribed 10, proofread 5 census transcripts

Christine Adams
Sebastian Allen
Helen Anderson
Brenda Ayres
Sandra Banks
Andrea Barnstaple Andrews
Donna Baxter
Laura Beacom
John Beatty
Kim Beaulieu
Christine Beek
Roelof Beek
Laura Benoit
John Berglund
Louise Berglund
Heather Bertram
Jan Bicknell
Lance Bicknell
Janet Bjorndahl
Pat Black
Robert Black
Piroska Blanchette
Loretta Bogert-O'Brien
Barbara Bolton
Peter Bolton
Chris Bowman
Lynda Boyd
Dean Cameron
Gwen Cameron
Rosalie Campbell (McCallum)
Sharon Carl
Anne Chamberlain
Geraldine Chase
Colin Chegahno
Sheila Coligan
Thelma Collens
Lynn Obrein Cook
Tim Cooper
Darlene Cowan
Leah Craig
Amy Crawford
Dianne Crittenden
Sandra Cullen
Joan Daigle
Eva D'Amico
Barbara Davies
Donald Davis
Don Demaray
Stephen Dickhout
Lesley Douglas
Janice Dowling
Autumn Downey
Jean Earl
Paula Easton
Cherl Fitzpatrick
Shannon Ford
Dave Fortin
Kathie Fortner
Karyn Frew
Heather Gallard
Lois Gardner-Earl
Catherine Gill
Marita Gladson
Roy Gordon
Lynn Goutouski
Penny Gray
Nancy Halifax
Vonnie Haner
Kathy Helmer
Lisa Hendrickson
Stanhope Heritage Discover Museum
Ernie Herst
Evelyn Hewitt
Tim Hewlings
Barb Hoffman
Robert D. Horslen
Norma Hughson
Thomas J. Hunter
Pat Husak
Marg Hutton
Jacqueline Jackson
Pat Jeffs
Laura Jobb
Marie Jollow
Christina Jones
Heather Kalmakoff
Craig Kanalley
Tammy Kien
Patrick King
Melissa Kluey
Don Krieger
Joan Labbe
Daryl Lacey
Anola Laing
David Lamb
André J. Lavigne
Craig Lawson
Rosanne Lee
Susan Lefebvre
Sandy (Smelser) Leng
Robert Lewis
Barbara Lewis Gillon
Susan Lillico
Mary-Jane Lupton
Kathleen Lush
David MacLennan
Jennifer Madamba
Sandra Magee
Gerald R. Maier
Lyall Manson
Pat Martin
Don Maxwell
Trudi McGinn
Tim McGinnis
Kim McInnis
Irene McKenzie
Maureen McKillican
Rob McLean
Sandra McLellan
Darcy McMillan
Shelagh McRae
Angela Medd
Carol MercerIngram
Ellen Mercieca
Barbara Millar
Karen Miller
Marguerite Miller
Sharon Miller
Ken Minogue
Peggy Moggy
George Morley
Mike Morrissey
Ann Moscher
Diann Nagel
Catherine Nicholls
Beverley Niven
Martin Noble
Lori Oatman
Nancy Oliver
Mike Oosterlaken
Julia Ott
Ellen Paul
Wendy Peterson
Sherri Pettit
Diane Pierce
Lyla Pittman
Mike Poirer
Lisa Poirier
Gary Pokoradi
Robin Potter
Marshall Price
Sandy Putney
Carol Lee (O'Hearn) Radford
Julia Read
Ida Reed
Shirley Renaud
Ava Richer
Bob Robichaud
Suzanne Schaller
Cathy Scott
Noreen Sergovitch
George Setterington
Paul Sheats
Deb Shunamon
Ada Sloan
Jean Smith
Rodger Smith
Russell Smith
Valerie Smith
Joan Somers
Christine Spencer
Jim Stafford
Vance Standifird
Micheal Stephenson
Maureen Stewart
Kimberly St-Louis
Barb Strank
Cathy Street
Wayne Sullivan
Michelle Sykes
Brian Taillefer
Ian Taillefer
Cindi Talbot
Karen Taylor
Linda Terry
Diane Thibideau
Roxanne Thiessen
John Thomas
Tom Thompson
Wendy Thompson
Erik Thureson
John Tiller
Pat Tiller
Lynda Timmerman
Gwen Troutner
David Truemner
Elizabeth Truemner
Eileen Truesdell
Sherry Vipond
Anissa Watson
Donna Westman
Steve Whitney
Edie Williams
Shirley Williams
Faith Wilson

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