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Paddle Prairie / Keg River Metis Colony Cemetery , Northern Lights, AB
Paddle River Community Cemetery , Mackenzie, AB
Pakan Asphodel Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Pakowki Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Pakrowa Ruth Greek Catholic Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Parish Marie-Reine Roman Catholic Cemetery , East Peace, AB
Park Court United Church Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Parkland Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Willow Creek, AB
Parkland Lutheran Church Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Parr / Zion Cemetery , Badlands, AB
Passburg Cemetery , Crowsnest Pass, AB
Patricia / Old Patricia Cemetery , Newell, AB
Paul Band Protestant (Indian) Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Paulus RC Cemetery , Lamont, AB
Peace Cemetery , Leduc, AB
Peace Cemetery , Peace, AB
Peace Grove Lutheran Cemetery , Clear Hills, AB
Peace Hills Zion Lutheran Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Peace Lutheran Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Peace River & Shaftesbury Cemetery , Northern Sunrise, AB
Peace River Anglican Cemetery , Northern Sunrise, AB
Peace River Old Anglican / Peace River Crossing Cemetery , Northern Sunrise, AB
Peaceful Pines Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Peavine Cemetery , Lac Ste Anne, AB
Pelican River Grave Cemetery , Opportunity, AB
Pendant d'Orielle / Pleasant Plain / Jensen Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Pentecostal Cemetery , Bonnyville, AB
Peoria Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Peoria Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Perryvale Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Philemena Cemetery , Lakeland, AB
Pibroch / Old Anglican Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Pibroch Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Pickardville Cemetery , Westlock, AB
Pincher Creek Mennonite Brethren Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Pine Creek Cemetery , Foothills, AB
Pine Creek Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Pine Grove Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Pine Haven Colony Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Pine Hill Hutterite Cemetery , Red Deer, AB
Pine Knoll Pentecostal United Church Cemetery , Smoky Lake, AB
Pioneer Cemetery , Parkland, AB
Pioneer Cemetery , Pincher Creek, AB
Pioneer Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Pioneer Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Pioneer RC Cemetery , Cardston, AB
Pipistone Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Plain Lake Colony Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Plainview Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Plante Moberly Cemetery , Yellowhead, AB
Pleasant Heights Cemetery , Birch Hills, AB
Pleasant Ridge Lutheran Cemetery , Provost, AB
Pleasant Valley Cemetery , Vermilion River, AB
Pleasant View Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Pleasington Zion Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Pocahontas Cemetery , Jasper, AB
Pochaiw Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Polska / St John Baptist Roman Catholic Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Ponoka Hutterite Cemetery , Ponoka, AB
Poplar Grove Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Poplar Grove Lutheran Cemetery , Athabasca, AB
Poplar Hill Cemetery , Grande Prairie, AB
Poplar Valley & Roman Catholic Cemetery , Wetaskiwin, AB
Poynter Memorial / Paddle River Cemetery , Barrhead, AB
Prague / St Nepomucene Cemetery , Beaver, AB
Prairie Circle Cemetery , Special Area 4, AB
Prairie Creek Memorial Cemetery , Clearwater, AB
Prairie Grove Pioneer Cemetery , Stettler, AB
Prairie Home Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Warner, AB
Prairie Park Baptist Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Prairie Round Cemetery , Warner, AB
Prairie Sky Cemetery , Calgary, AB
Prairie View Hutterian Brethren Church Cemetery , Special Area 3, AB
Prairieview Cemetery , Taber, AB
Precious Blood Roman Catholic Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Preobrezenia Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Camrose, AB
Pretty Hill Burial Grounds , Camrose, AB
Primrose Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Primula Greek Orthodox Cemetery , St Paul, AB
Private Cemetery , Flagstaff, AB
Prospect Valley Cemetery , Wainwright, AB
Prospy Cemetery , Forty Mile, AB
Protection BVM Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery , Lac La Biche County (formerly Lakeland), AB
Provost Cemetery , Provost, AB
Pruth Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery , Two Hills, AB
Purple Springs Cemetery , Taber, AB

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